The Importance Of Ecommerce In The Jewelry Industry

It is an undoubted fact that the craze for online shopping is at an all-time high in the jewelry industry and is trending upward. Many retail marketing analysts will agree that adding eCommerce totheir jewelry business will increase their bottom line. Any jeweler willing to stay in the game should consider eCommerce development . Qualdev is an expert in this arena and has developed over 100 jewelry eCommerce and catalog sites.

Traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores in malls often encounter the least floor traffic compared to other merchandise stores. This is in itself a challenge to jewelry store owners or managers and over the years, different strategies have been developed to counter this challenge including eCommerce. QuaDev is an expert at providing a positive experience for online shoppers. When QualDev launches a jewelry eCommerce site, they capture the attention of potential customers through easy navigation, stunning images, and user-friendly shopping carts.

Another challenge that jewelry store owners face daily is that their locationsaren’t open 24/7. Qualdev will allow your current and potential customers to shop anytime from the comfort, privacy, and security of their own home even on public holidays and Sundays. If a potential customer visiting the online store does not make any purchases immediately, an online brand can still influence their buying decisions in the future. The concept of driving quality traffic to one’s store cannot be overlooked with the amount of competition in theretail jewelry industry.With SEO solutions from QualDev, a jewelry store can cut their advertising costs significantly. They can get a jeweler to that most coveted first page of Google on a local, national, or international level.

Many consumers opt to shop online today not only because of the time convenience, but also due to the large variety of options that they can get. There is a general sense of saving money while shopping online. With Qualdev’s Content Management System a jeweler can easily manage their onlineinventory  creating regular promotions with ease. In fact, a well-managed eCommerce jewelry business, can adopt their online campaigns in real time in response to market behavior more frequently than if they used other print, television, radio or other advertisement options.

Apart from just getting a powerful online presence and driving quality traffic to one’s jewelry website, Qualdev knows that Mobile App development cannotbe ignored, especially when millions of potential customer’s everyday utilize them on their smart devices. Qualdev can provide customized development solutions for static websites, eCommerce websites, mobile apps, content management systems, or even redesigning an existing website to improve it with additional features. To learn more please goto or call 631-236-5408today for a demonstration.