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Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platform these days. Shopify is a hosted solution and you don't have to worry about hosting your site. Shopify does it for you and provides any scalability. 

Shopify’s time-to-market is almost 3 times faster than other platforms, letting you have an ecommerce presence in no time.

Overview of Shopify Features


    One of the most important thing that we need in a ecommerce system that it should be easy to use for non technical people as well. User should be easily able to add his products, check order history, play with themes, add new features by using apps etc.


    Shopify support team is too supportive and fast. As soon as you contact the live chat support, you will find yourself next in queue most of the time. So there is very less wait time. The support team helps you in all the cases whether you need some help in product setup, order management etc.


    SEO is the key benefit in Shopify as it comes with a well structured and organized system for seo. You can easily modify the meta details of your store. There is no hassle for you in shopify to buy hosting plans, worry about the bandwidth, space and all. Shopify provides you unlimited bandwidth, a hosting for the site, and a..


    There is no hassle for you in shopify to buy hosting plans, worry about the bandwidth, space and all. Shopify provides you unlimited bandwidth, a hosting for the site, and a storage space as well. So you don't have to worry about hosting plans and all.


    Shopify themes are customizable, which you can customize by the help of any Shopify Expert easily. The themes have been coded in liquid files.


    Shopify App Store provides you a number of apps, both free and paid, by which you can enhance your store functionality and features.


    Shopify is secure so forget about site security. Sites run on a https.

How Can We Help

Basic New website

Looking for Shopify developers to build a quick Shopify site using an existing theme? As a leading Shopify development company QualDev can help with that. Contact us and we will setup the best theme for your site from Shopify theme store. With this option we will help you choose the best theme for your site, install it, and personalize it with your content (including designing some banners etc). No customization included.

They are designed to look great and perform well in search engines.

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Theme Customization

Sometimes the readymade themes are not sufficient for your business. So we design high-quality custom Shopify stores specific to your needs. We will work with you to create that perfect design, taking in to account your brand and identity and adding to it our expertise and experience. These sites look great and perform great.

We can help you set a B2B, multi language, multi currency site as well.

Or if you have an existing shop, but need some help with some special functionality, integration with 3rd party apps, improving the look-and feel, or bringing your Shopify store to the final step in your vision or help increase sales?  We can help.

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Migrating To Shopify

Outgrown your current platform, or never ending issues with it and planning on moving to Shopify? We’ve worked with clients to help them migrate to Shopify from WooCommerce, Magento, Custom platforms and many others.

Our Shopify developers will help you with:
  • Smooth stress free migration
  • Select and create a new design
  • Move all the data into Shopify from Orders, Customers, and Products
  • Integrate any 3rd party apps
  • Avoid any negative SEO impact
  • All with zero or minimal downtime
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Shopify SEO, Marketing and Maintenance

So now you have this beautiful site and ready to take off. Don't worry, QualDev will be there for any help.  We can now help you with training on how to efficiently run your store. We can conduct regular functionality and performance testing and also help you maintain your site and add new features and functionality.

We can help you with marketing your site where and reach your targeted audience via  result-driven best practices for SEO, PPC, Facebook store, Email marketing, Marketplace integrations and lot more - with focus on maximizing your ROI.

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Why QualDev For Shopify Development

QualDev can design and program responsive Shopify stores. Our Shopify developers build your Shopify eCommerce site from scratch or using one of the many themes available, which bring results with better conversions and sales. In addition, we can enhance your site via with Shopify apps, or build custom functionality as needed.

Apart from this, it offers a user friendly interface, large number of themes, shopping cart, multiple payment gateways and lot more via it's 3rd party apps.

  • Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly designs
  • E-commerce best practices imbibed
  • Google Analytics or GTM with enhanced e-commerce
  • Testing and launching
  • Integration with essential tools, including Marketing tools ...and more
Beyond development, we can also help you market your site, maintain it and help you grow your business
and always be there when you need.

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