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Search engine optimization

Search engines are the new default solution for all of life's problems. When these problems are of a commercial nature, it is up to brands to use proper solutions to meet their customers expectations

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website or apps presence in search results. It is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website, grow your visibility and satisfy your customer requirements.

QualDev is the top-notch SEO Company based in New York, USA. we implement competition and customer focused SEO strategies that help your website rank higher in search results for keywords that your target audience use to search for you online. From on-page optimization and technical audits, to creative content writing and link building, we offer SEO services that are customized to your specific needs and budget.


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Local SEO

Local SEO is great for businesses that want exposure specifically in their geographic area (city, state, county, etc.). If you are a small business with one location or a giant with a presence across multiple locations and want local exposure for each, our local SEO services are perfect for you. We understand how search engines work and display local search results. Our local SEO services are optimized to work within Google's guidelines. From getting your business listed on Google maps to driving reviews and optimizing content for local SEO, we execute all these activities to drive people to your local business by discovering you online.

International SEO

As your business presence grows in different countries, you will want to reach out to the new audience, in the language they speak. Our multilingual and multiregional SEO services help you create a completely internationalized site to grow and reach your desired foreign target audience. Right from structuring your website, adding SEO tags, to designing your website and developing localized content, our expertise helps you meet the demands of Google and other country specific search engines.

eCommerce SEO

Whether you are launching your new ecommerce site or want to improve the SEO performance of an existing ecommerce site, we create customized SEO strategies that help you increase sales and build your brand organically. We start with a current SEO visibility analysis, after that we evaluate the competitiveness and desired keywords to target. In addition to this, we have our own checklist that looks into user experience on both desktop and mobile devices and provide you with recommendations to improve overall conversion rate.

Online Reputation Management

In today's competitive world, brand reputation management is essential for your business growth. Having a positive brand image helps you build customer loyalty and to increase customer confidence in your brand or products. This ultimately drives sales and revenue. We help you monitor your brand conversations online 24/7 on social media, forums, news sites, search engines and other sources. Understand the sentiment of your brand and address negative issues before they affect your business.

Google Penalty Recovery

Have you started noticing that your website is losing ranking and traffic in Google search results? Especially after an update at Google? You may have been penalized by Panda, Penguin or manual update. This could be a result of doing SEO activities that are against Google search guidelines. We have been helping businesses to recover from Google penalty from the first official update. We have mastered the skills to assess the type of penalty and take immediate corrective measure to fix the problems. Right from evaluating the content and link structure of the site, to doing an extensive outreach to remove bad links, we use a human + technology approach. No matter whether your site has millions of backlinks or thousands of web pages, we will restore your rankings and traffic back to normal in no time.

Digital PR and Link Building

Google treats links from an external website that point to your website as a vote of confidence. A link from a website that has high relevance and authority is treated as a valuable link. Google uses this as a strong signal to determine how well a website should rank in search results for a targeted keyword. Considering the importance of earning quality links, we combine SEO and Digital Public Relations to generate brand awareness, earn editorial links and establish domain authority with Google, to improve search rankings and drive qualified traffic.

SEO Friendly Content Strategy

SEO friendly content is developed with an objective to drive a constant stream of search engine traffic from relevant keywords. Just having a website with products and service pages are not enough. Your customers go through different stages of the buying cycle before they decide to buy a product or services from you. Hence, you need SEO content strategy that helps your brand get discovered during the awareness, consideration and purchase stages of a customer's buying journey. From keyword research, optimization, to content organization and promotion to attract links, we can fuel your brand growth with content.

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Our SEO Methodology

A look at our SEO process that helped our clients rank for 50,000+ keywords and driven more than 100M visits.

  • 1. Competition and Market study

    Conduct market and competitive analysis to understand requirements of the markets and your competition.

  • 2. Messaging and Positioning

    Develop strategic positioning and differentiators to help you stand out from the competition and attract customers.

  • 3. Website Architecture

    Develop website architecture that maps the buyer's journey. Website sitemap will provide an overall structure of the website, which will become the foundation for the creation of content and design.

  • 4. Keywords Research & SEO

    Keywords research, a very critical element of website content writing, to make sure content on the website reflects queries and keywords used by your prospects on Google and other search engines when they look for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems.

  • 5. Content Writing

    Utilize keyword research to develop content for website and blog, and optimize SEO elements such as Page titles, Meta descriptions, URLs, H1 tags.

  • 6. Website Conversion Points

    Create top, middle and bottom of the funnel conversation points on the website to convert visitors into leads.

  • 7. Website Analytics Setup

    Set up Google analytics, Hotjar and other tracking tools to monitor user behavior as well as performance of your website.

  • 8. Digital PR and Link Building

    Identify topical and authoritative websites that will link or mention your website in search and social media sites. Further, identify platforms where you could contribute your content and drive referral traffic.




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Why Select QualDev Over Other SEO Agencies?

  • Transparent SEO Services Our SEO services cover a list of actionable deliverables for the price you are paying. No hidden charges or hidden fees.
  • Google Compliant AgencyUnlike sketchy SEO agencies, our SEO activities are 100% in line with Google guidelines and are penalty-proof.
  • SEO Software ToolsWe use industry-recognized SEO tools to research, analyze and make insightful decisions to beat the competition.
  • Data Driven SEO ApproachWe use data and analytics tools to drive and execute campaign strategy. No guessing games.
  • Real-time Performance ReportingGet real-time visibility of your SEO performance metrics - keyword ranking, traffic and sales.
  • Expert and experienced staff.Over 25 digital marketing experts work on your project round the clock to deliver on promises.
  • No Long-term ContractsCancel your services any time, if you are not happy with our SEO services and results delivered. No strings attached.

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