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eCommerce Website

At QualDev we develop customized eCommerce solutions. We create solutions for our clients such as static websites, eCommerce websites, mobile apps, and online management systems – for all business sizes – from start-ups to multi department wholesale websites. Whether you are looking to redesign your existing website, equip it with additional modules, or you are building a website for the first time; we provide you with all the custom web application services you need to take your brand to new heights.

Web Design / Applications

We design websites and associate web applications, providing our client with tools that help out with a variety of features; for editing content of pages, listing, revising or updating product information on your website or online comparison and shopping portals like eBay, Amazon, Price Grabber; managing the content of your mobile app; reviewing and processing orders, planning shipping schedules and many other options. If you have an idea for an online tool, we will work with you transform your idea into reality.

Internet Marketing

Most internet users would tell you that they all start off at a search engine before they proceed to buy a product or service online. Appearing in the top listings of searches for keywords that best describe your service could guarantee the success of your online business. We provide our client with internet marketing campaigns that are designed to increase their website's visibility. Our packages include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and professional video presentations designed to optimize and promote your website effectively to your target audience. Our web designing and development practices comply with the best SEO practices in the industry.

Mobile / iPhone Applications

At QualDev we focus on providing web solutions for cross-platform content delivery. We help our clients take advantage of a rapidly evolving media landscape by providing high end novel mobile apps and mobile websites that are pride and joy of our clients and a delight for their customers to use. Our apps are designed to work in sync with your existing websites, so that you are able to control inventory on your websites as well as the apps from a single window, giving you total control of your online sales outlets.

Open Source Customization

Our developers are adept at developing a variety of net based applications and modules that would help you expand your business online. We make use of available open source platforms like Joomla, Word Press, Drupal, Magento, etc to develop appealing, cost effective solutions quickly.

Custom eBay Stores

At QualDev, we help you achieve successful branding and cross selling opportunities on your website as well as other sale portals. We develop attractive layouts and spreads, integrate customized modules, all designed to utilize the selling opportunities available on eBay. Our customized eBay Lister tool is ideal to list and manage multiple listings of products on your eBay store. The tool is integrated so that you are able to prepare feeds directly from the database of an existing website. Our eBay setup and template design services aim to provide you with effective branding of your business.


Ensuring you have a proper brand name building strategy, gripping brand identity and a captivating brand name are mandatory for the successful execution of your positioning strategy in the present day aggressive brand equity battles. We work with you to utilize the best practices and online marketing tools to fabricate an effective strategy to capitalize on Internet business opportunities. QualDev provides you with an organized perspective that would help you make better decisions; whether it is about launching a new brand online, optimizing an existing website, or making the transition from a small operation to a larger scale.

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We Are Quality Development

We attribute our key to success to our motto 'Quality Development at Competitive Prices'. We focus on providing our customers with innovative ecommerce solutions at the best price possible, thereby passing on most of the profits to the people who matter the most – Our Customers.


Our customized solutions are strategically designed to provide you with tools that do their job. Our products speak for themselves, and are recognized as robust and efficient. Our methods are aggressive, aimed to penetrate untapped markets and build a satisfied client base.

Custom Solutions

Are you making the transition from a small Web operation to large-scale, launching a new brand online, or simply optimizing an existing website? We provide customized solutions addressing your requirements, keeping out the clutter of unwanted operations or modules – ensuring that you are able to work fast and efficiently.

Solution for every Budget

Whether you are interested in developing a simple or e-commerce website, a mobile app or inventory system to manage listings on other online sales portals or simply upgrading and extending the functionality of an existing site, our website design and development services is your answer. We provide your business with competitively priced solutions that you can count on


We have separate departments for each of our services, from planning, design, development, to marketing – representatives from all of our departments work together to ensure the success of your project. Most importantly, you don't have to hire multiple companies to get your project done. We look after all.

Your Partner

Our services are tailored to provide you with the perfect online tools and web entities to make your work easier. Choose us as your partner for robust focused effective web services and succeed in this complex competitive world.

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Custom eCommerce Design Websites

As online businesses compete to hold the title of the number one choice of consumers, custom eCommerce development has become the go-to choice for many business owners. Rather than opting for pre-designed coding, the market has transitioned into customized eCommerce design as a way to set businesses apart from leading competitors and be able to design coding that is most appropriate for achieving specific goals. Here, we will examine the top three reasons that you should choose custom eCommerce design over standard designs.


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Our Technical Expertise

Expertise In PHP Web Development
PHP is a server side scripting language used to code dynamically generated pages for websites. This open-source language is used for a variety of applications like creating web pages to connecting to databases and running queries to add, edit or to retrieve information to populate content on web pages. The language offers flexibility as well as improved time management for developing websites of all sizes and complexity – even those websites that require a customized shopping cart – to provide a customized user experience.
Expertise In ASP & C# .Net Web And Application Development
The Microsoft.NET framework provides a controlled environment that is popular for developing various applications. This framework runs off any version of the windows operating system, providing tools to create state of the art secure software applications for the windows platform.
Proficient In Configuring APACHE Server
Apache is a free "open source" web-server that runs on most UNIX – based operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, Digital UNIX, AIX, UNIX/POSIX-derived systems (such as Rhapsody, BeOS, and BS2000/OSD), on AmigaOS, and on Windows 2000. According to a Netcraft web server survey 60% of all Web sites on the Internet are using Apache (62% including Apache derivatives), making Apache more widely used than all other web servers combined.
Proficient in MySQL
SQL – or Structured Query Language is used for performing CRUD (Create – Read – Update – Delete - CRUD) operations with databases. My SQL is a popular open source database management system that runs off all popular platforms, like Windows, Linux, and UNIX. This is the most common database management system used on web servers worldwide and is extensively used with all levels of databases. QualDev's popularity is evident from the fact that it is used to power many large online corporate business databases.
Specialist In Developing High Quality FLASH Animations, Plug-Ins And Websites
Flash is used to create a variety of richly animated videos and is useful when you wish to enhance the look and feel or prepare a professional presentation for displaying on your website. Coding can be combined with action-scripts or with java script to provide automation to provide an interactive aspect to the video created. Videos created in Flash are compatible with most popular Operating Systems.
Expertise In Developing Or Customizing Magento Based Store And Affiliate Websites
Magento is an open source general web application software, handy for developing quick professional ecommerce solution. This intuitive software provides an administration interface containing robust content management, marketing and merchandising tools that are used to develop customized websites to fit individual business needs. Magento is equipped with other great flexible features that are used for managing inventory, customer information, orders, payments, Search Engine Optimization as well as analytics and reporting. Each feature is designed to provide optimum control of modules of the website resulting in improved return on investments.
Expertise In Developing Or Customizing WORDPRESS Blog And Websites
WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system having a rich plug-in architecture; allowing developers to extend its abilities beyond the basic architecture generally installed. This CMS allows the user to manage all content including video, text, blog, pod-casts, and polls with ease. WordPress has a database of over 18,000 plug-ins that provide added functionality ranging from SEO to adding widgets. WordPress is used to develop and manage websites and blogs.
Expertise In Developing Or Customizing JOOMLA Based Websites
Joomla is an open source solution that is available to everyone free and is used to develop dynamic websites and other powerful web applications. Joomla's engine uses objected-oriented programming techniques and software design pattern making it easy to use both from the development side as well as at the client end. Web designers and developers are able to develop websites quickly, after that they are able to empower their clients to easily manage their own sites, with a minimal amount of instruction. Joomla is highly extensible and thousands of extensions are available in the Joomla Extensions Directory.
We Specialize In Delivering World-Class IOS Apps On Time And Within Budget
iOS is the world's most advanced mobile platform, constantly redefining what's possible on a mobile device. It is easy to create amazing apps using the iOS SDK and Xcode, store documents and key value data with iCloud, Publish magazines and newspapers with Newsstand, integrate core Twitter functionality for your apps quickly, stream audio and video content in new ways with AirPlay. With hundreds of millions of iOS users just a tap away on the App Store, the possibilities are endless.
We Are Certified eBay Developers And Are Experts In Developing High End Custom eBay Stores And Tools.
eBay is an online marketplace, where individuals and businesses come together to buy and sell almost anything. EBay has more than 20 million registered users worldwide, who buy and sell a diverse range of products everyday. This marketplace is a correct choice to increase your sale. We help, by providing you with customized layouts, and intuitive widgets that are designed to promote your brand efficiently.
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