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I have worked with the staff at Qualdev for almost two decades. After much research, shopping around, referals, and words of mouth, I decided to build my website with Qualdev primarily because I found the owners, Ms. Preeti and Mr. Neelesh, to be people of fine character that I would be able to rely on in the future. I also found their prices to be very competitive and reasonable. Thankfully, I was correct in my assessments on all counts. Building and maintaining a website requires patience, creativity, and innovative problem-solving skills. I can attest to the fact that Qualdev excels on all counts. Their customer service also merits mention as they are always available to help with urgent and non-urgent matters with very prompt attention. They never make you feel like a small-time client and they never dismiss your concerns or questions. They take care of your issues promptly, politely and with very competitive and reasonable costs. They don’t take advantage of any lack of technical knowledge that you may have only in order to charge exorbitant prices as I found to be the standard practice by others. You can rely on them on all counts. I’ve recommended them to many others in the past and it is a pleasure to post my experience with them here. They are a gem of a company and any firm would be fortunate to discover this as I have. They have my strongest recommendations.

Lee Nissenbaum

Great customer service. I work with Sanjay and he has always been very nice and very professional. He is very good at explaining things and giving advice. The whole team has been wonderful.

Bianca Jewelers

These guys are the absolute best !
I have been working with Qualdev over the past decade, with several companies I own. They are: Responsive, prompt and reliable. Excellent and fast service. Reasonable pricing. Comfortable with cutting edge technology and all web hosting platforms.

Capt. Paul

I wanted to express my appreciation for Qualdev team .They are always there when you need them and they are always helpful .

Adam Sarshoghi

I just want to express how pleasant and rewarding it has been working with the team in India, especially Sanjay. He has been super helpful, and patient throughout the entire process, which really propelled things forward.

I know we had some hiccups along the way with the images, and I am grateful we finally came out on the other side with a great final product. I will surely recommend you all to friends, and look forward to continuing this working relationship with Qualdev.

Neha Ghanshamdas
Infinite Scents

I am very happy with the great service by QualDev. Mr. Neelesh and staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. I do highly recommend their services.

Super Bell Jewelry

Qualdev truly shows their value in the quality and always deliver on time. Qualdev team are knowledgeable, and dedicated to producing high quality websites. It is very important for us to have a Web development partner that shows this level of commitment and ownership. We are extremely happy to collaborate with Qualdev!

Raj Katyal

Great service. Pleasure to work with. Great communication.


Have really enjoyed working Team-Qualdev since almost a decade. They are one of the most flexible, thorough and customer friendly team of professionals.
Highly recommend their services.

HBA Sales

Qualdev does a great job! they are knowledgeable and attentive! qualdev gives good support!

Ankit Gupta

Great service, fast response


Very detailed and always makes sure they have clear directions and understanding.

June Bland
Day to Day Imports

I am not the sharpest in computer, so it is important to have a support system to keep me up and running. QualDev is my support system of choice. In this day and age of zero phone contact and zero accountability QualDev is an island of integrity and professionalism in a sea of lazy, inept companies. They built my website in record time and to my specifications. If there is ever an issue with my website resolution is never more than a few hours away. If you have been trolling the internet for months for a company that can build and maintain a website for you your search is over. Don’t pass on less stress give QualDev a try.

Thanks you guys I am so grateful to have you in my business and life.

zander Elliott
Lunch at the Ritz

I have been working with Qualdev Since 2008 and have never seen someone so committed and talented as they have been. They did an amazing job designing my website and making all changes needed on it so that my business can become a success. I have also have had them work on SEO for 35 key works and nearly all are on page 1 of Google! Regardless the time and effort it would take to work on whatever repair I needed they were there for me. They also offer a great value for the price they charge and I doubt anyone will find another company that can deliver the quality they do at the price they offer. I would also like to point out that the customer service has been beyond any other.

Steve Goelman CEO
Unique Wellness

I came across Qualdev by accident while browsing on the web. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t feel comfortable working with somebody I’ve never met. I took a risk and it was WORTH IT! All the work was done through the internet and sometimes over the phone. I was truly surprised by the professionalism with which my project was handled. No comment or request was left unanswered and the work was done ON TIME. Every concern I had was taken care of promptly and with care. I am so happy I found Qualdev. I was happy with the budget as well! My site looks adorable and, more importantly, different from all other sites since it was custom built for me. I had my first customer, who ordered more than one product with express delivery, right after the site went live! I couldn’t ask for more. I highly recommend this company.
Hard work + Competency = Qualdev.


I have a jewelry company, and when it came time to create a website I did a lot of research to try to find the best website developer to really be able to work hand and hand with me to complete the website the way I truly wanted it to be. After speaking with Qualdev I realized that their team was amazing. I met with the owner of the company in person which is usually unheard of, to discuss the details of my website and he made sure that I would be extremely happy with the outcome. We ended up signing a contract that day. Throughout the process of the website being built, Qualdev’s team was more than 100% involved in helping me with any and every issue i’d have and giving me any help necessary. Their team of experts really do have a vast knowledge and know how to give some of the best customer service I’ve ever received regardless of what company i’ve dealt with. Qualdev was always very quick to respond to my emails or my phone calls with amazing advice and suggestions to really help my website become what it is today. I’ve received only the best compliments on how my website looks, and it all is thanks to the Qualdev team. One thing that really made me happy as a customer is that once the website was done the Qualdev team didn’t disappear, they were there for any questions I had about running the website and helping me with the back end of the website where the customer controls the website. I wanted to include one last thing. One of the experts of the Qualdev team was Anthony. He was the easiest person to work with that i’ve ever worked with in my life. He really knows what he’s doing and it shows, bottom line he was amazing to work with. I would refer and suggest anybody who needs a website to be built to go with the Qualdev team because they are truly professional, and truly have your business at heart when creating and helping with your website.

Timeless Jewelry Collection

We are very happy with the quality of work and technical support QualDev has to offer. The design and flow of our website was well done. They did such a great job, we ask them to design second website for a company business. We specially like the customer support they offer. There is always a person not a machine to answer your questions. And when we need technical support or need to make changes to our websites, they do it in a professional and timely manner. I specially like to deal with Neelesh Bhansali; he will answer all your question. One of the reasons we chose QualDev to design our websites, is because they will ask you what are your needs or features for your website. So if you are looking for a simple website or a flashy website with all the new technology out there, QualDev can do it.

Aaron Lopez

I can’t say enough about the excellent work that Qualdev Inc. has done on my website. They took a below – average website and transformed it into an appealing and informative site. The designer listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations. They help bring my vision to life. Their ongoing support is excellent and the main reason that we continue to work with them. I am 100% satisfied with this team. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Qualdev.

John Muney
AMG Medical Group

If you are a recipient of this message, it probably means that you are looking for a web developer to program your next online project and you are considering Qualdev for this important assignment. I’hv worked with a lot of Developers, programmers, Graphic Designers, and System Admins over the last 20+ years on projects for both the Department of Defense and the Private Sector. it is rare to find a Web Developer that can put it all togeather-Qualdev does just that.

We needed an extremely sophisticated web application to manage both the consumer side and “back of the house” activities of our company operations. We sent RFPs out to 5 companies. Qualdev was the first, and only, company to respond with pertinent questions about unspecified program functions that the other companies completely over looked. They took our existing (outdated) application and created an online environment that our customers love and our salespeople now find indispensible.

Bottom Line: Qualdev begins with the end in mind and they produce results that are unparalleled in an industry filled with web “experts” that don’t understand the vast differences there are between a Web Page and a Web Application. I would highly recommend the Qualdev team to anyone who is developing an online application that will be measured by both form and functionality to determine its overall success.
You are welcome to call me to discuss our experiences with Qualdev.

Chuck Dermott (Director of Online Services)
Vested Business Brokers, ltd.

We have been extremely happy with the level of service that Qualdev has provided us. Whenever we’ve had technical issues or little changes, Neelesh has solved our issue promptly and courteously. The website they built for us extremely fast and responsive. Overall, I would highly recommend Qualdev for future clients.

Kevin Barry
Direct Jewelry

Qualdev has been the secret behind our success. Their accessibility, speed and integrity are unmatched in the industry.
Working with everyone on the Qualdev team is a pleasure and I recommend them to friends and family whenever I can.

Michael Rosenberg
Bagmart USA, Plastic Place, General Jan

When Josh and I started our business out of law school, we knew we had a great idea, but did not have the technical expertise to implement the idea online. We were introduced to Neelesh and QualDev through a mutual friend, and they were able to help us transform an idea into a reality. I am able to tell them a concept, and they quickly and accurately turn that concept into something that the online world is able to use and see. Moreover, they are always available; when I email QualDev questions

Jake Wolff
Co-Founder Hitch Switch

I am very happy with the service and prices are the lowest. Mr. Neelesh is always there to help and i do highly recommend their services.

47 Street Closeouts

QualDev’s support and website development have been an intricate part of our success. We want to thank your for helping us to grow our business over the past 3 years.
Best Regards

Bob Grubman
Suit Business

Working with QualDev is perfect for those needing quick, accurate, and affordable Internet programming. Their capabilities are endless within the tech world. Highly recommended and would work with instantaneously on multiple projects such as hosting, programming, designing etc –QualDev is supported by a full customer service center who are easy to communicate with and interact when needed. I am looking forward to finishing our updated site soon! Regards

Brian Krypell
Charles Krypell

Choosing QualDev for our web related needs was the best decision we had made. All our e-commerce projects turned out to effective, on-time and affordable, and most importantly, with QualDev, we had a reliable business partner behind us. We would highly recommend QualDev to other businesses for web related services.

Skin Solution Store

Working with QualDev has been a pleasure every step of the way. They have been very accommodating to all different concerns of mine as well as schedules and they are extremely professional. I would recommend them for any person looking for efficiency and attention for their websites!

Punit Sabharwal

Thank you for making our site live.
Regarding our experience over all, the qualdev team has been very helpful every step of the way.
They took the time to answer all of our phone calls and emails and any questions we had.
All of the issues that came up along the way were dealt with professionally and with patience.
We dealt with Tusshar specifically in regards to many of the issues and he was very helpful and knowledgeable as well.
We enjoyed working with the entire team and look forward to continuing to work and expand on the website project with you guys.

Diamond Town

Dear Qualdev Team,
It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I would like to thank you sincerely for all the great work you’ve done throughout these past months in developing our newly launched website.
I have worked with your team in the past as we created our original site. Now, years later, I decided to finally upgrade the look and functionality of the site and I knew that working with you once again would be a wise decision. I was right. Your team exhibits professionalism and patience. I expected that such a project would have hurdles along the way and of course it did, but the satisfaction I received in knowing that together we were able to smoothly overcome each challenge is something that will keep me coming back to Qualdev many times in the future. In fact, as I mentioned, you will hear from me again in a few months as I plan on starting another project with you.
Neelesh, Tushar, Dhaval, and the whole team should be proud of the work you’ve done as I am very proud of its results. You should know that we are pretty confidential with the people we employ and the vendors we use and more than once we were wondering if it would be wise to include your name at the footnote of our site. We were worried that someone may come along and simply ask that you duplicate the same site only with their information and our hard work in constructing its unique structure would be tarnished. We are confident though, that you will employ the same ethical manners as you did with other companies in brainstorming ideas before the development of the site began. In the final analysis, we decided that such a company as yours deserves to succeed and that your increased success would bring us joy as well and so we are proud to display your name on our site. We trust you. You did an outstanding job and you can feel comfortable using our name as reference for any future potential client.
With sincere thanks,

Lee Nissenbaum
T.L.K., Inc

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