What Can Business Owners Learn from the Top Mobile Apps in 2022?

What Can Business Owners Learn from the Top Mobile Apps in 2022?

The continuous growth in the use of mobiles fuels the increase in digital adoption and activity directly. The number of “unique” mobile users reached 5.34 billion in July 2022, with more than two-thirds of the world’s population now owning a mobile phone.

From video meetings with a client sitting seven seas away to making a restaurant reservation across the street, you can do almost anything from your phone or a device via a mobile app. Although your phone is now your personal assistant, it needs the right set of tools to do its job effectively. These tools, or mobile apps are built by mobile app development companies.

For businesses, the popularity of these tools is not only good news but also provides a fantastic opportunity to ensure that every business can do all the right things to capitalize on this massive potential. Here is looking at what today’s businesses can learn from the top-rated Android mobile apps.

Demystifying the Top Rated Android Mobile Apps of 2022

1. PackPoint – to organize your packing process

This app is like a travel genie. You tell the app where you are going, when, and what you will be doing, and the app generates a detailed checklist of suggested items for your suitcase. You can add or subtract items from your list, as needed, and then use it as a guide to ensure you pack everything you need, every time.

2. Google Docs or Microsoft Word – to collaborate on documents

Since 2019, customers worldwide have found using Microsoft Word on Android to be an absolute pleasure. Its multi-user editing system is simple, with real-time changes and inline commenting capabilities that are fully functional across multiple platforms. Google Docs, too, allow these features, thus making collaboration easy for people sitting in different corners of the world.

3. Trello – to organize your projects

This app breaks your business down into a series of boards. Within each panel, you can assemble a series of lists. You add any number of cards to each list. Each card can contain individual items containing text, photos, files, etc. You can label and color-code cards, assign due dates, add comment on cards, and invite people. You can add your thoughts and updates, too. It is no wonder that this revolutionary mobile app has managed to capture the imagination of millions of users.

4. Expensify App – to manage your trip expenses

Expensify is an excellent app for business trips. It logs, captures, and manages your expense statements. Firms can also sign up for a corporate account, providing the app with more components and a seamless expense reporting process. Several business teams that indulge in frequent travel have gleefully adopted the app.

5. Glitch Lab – to edit photos

This one is a photo editor crammed with a variety of digital glitch effects. If you like making your pictures look glitchy or retro, this is one of the most capable and versatile ways to do it. There are over 100 effects in this Android app, many of which are customizable, guaranteeing that your glitch is unique. This unique offering makes the app stand out from other similar app currently available in the market.

Here are a few reasons why the apps that made this list are among the most successful or top-rated mobile apps and what other businesses can learn from them –

Speed ­– No one likes lingering and pausing at the loading circle. This frustration leads to boredom resulting in user switching to another app. Speed is achieved by using an appropriate set of graphics – keeping functionality uncomplicated and snappy.

High-quality image resolutionEven if your app runs like Usain Bolt, it should make use of quality visuals. If your app has poor image resolution, then it may cost you your customers. So, the first & fundamental requirement you should never neglect is high-quality image resolution.

Social media integration Apps of today include social media integration so users can communicate and collaborate with others. Integrating social media also serves as an advantage. When more users share about the brands they like on social media it has a positive impact on their reach and growth of the said brand.

Robust securityMobile app development for diverse industries depends on uncompromising data integrity and confidentiality. Customizations and communication tech ought to be highly secure in today’s mobile apps. The above apps score big on the security and encryption parameters.

Integrate notificationsBy blending push notifications in your app, you have the choice to instantly unite with your audience and offer them what they want to see in your app. Push notifications can depend on whatever the users prefer – a short, sweet text, a graphic, or a combo of both.

User feedbackNo matter how perfect your app is, there will always be ample scope for improvement. The best way to comprehend and determine the direction to improve your app further is to ask the users themselves. Doing so is a great way to get your consumers to tell you what they want and to filter that feedback into what you need to add or remove without alienating your current subscriber base. The aforementioned apps consider user feedback and make constant upgrades to address issues their users point out.

UpdatesSend out periodic updates after incorporating feedback from users. You will end up with a better product and be able to respond to security issues as they arise. Updates keep your mobile app refreshed and offer users more of what they desire.

Remember, user experience supersedes everything today. It is integral to fulfil as many attributes from the aforementioned list as possible so you can ensure your business app users’ demands and expectations are met. This is where collaborating with an expert android mobile app development company can really make all the difference. QualDev has mastered the technique of building stunning yet influential mobile apps from scratch and redesigning them whenever needed. Get in touch with our team to know how we can help you build a stellar mobile app you’re your business.