What are the specific reasons to develop an app for a business?

What are the specific reasons to develop an app for a business?

It is no secret that across industries almost every business is creating its own application and thriving because they have one. From travel and eCommerce, to entertainment and healthcare, there is virtually no realm of business that has been left untouched by this incredible phenomenon.

While there are several reasons that illustrate why building an app is vital for success in the modern business ecosphere, let us talk about the ones that are most significant.

1. Competitive advantage

Creating an app for your business can help you gain a much-needed leg-up in the industry. Look around and you will find that most of your noteworthy competitors are already serving their customers through a variety of mobile applications. It is important to provide your customers and prospects with a window of access to your business. This puts you on level ground in terms of competing with similar businesses and players in the market.

2. Visibility and exposure

One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile app for your business is the fact that it can help create a strong online presence. With a streamlined strategy for app store optimization (ASO), you can ensure that your business is exposed to a wide and relevant audience base. Creating visibility via mobile apps is the new mantra for businesses of all scales and types.

3. Convenience and accessibility

People spend close to 4 hours a day on their mobile devices (and a large chunk of that time on apps), creating a high-quality app for your business is a no-brainer. An app provides your customers with easy and quick access to your business and its offerings. Moreover, the luxury of accessing information, products, services, etc. on the go provides them with an added bonus.

4. Marketing and promotion

Apps are a great channel that businesses can use to market their brand, promote their products, and advertise their services. While the last decade and a half has been all about advertising via social media, websites, and a variety of scattered online assets, a business app can give you a centralized avenue to market yourself effectively.

5. Enabling the customer journey

Via an app, you can literally chart the entire buying journey a customer follows. Well thought-out mobile apps act as a customer acquisition and retention mechanism that attract, engage, influence, and convert potential customers into buyers.

6. Customer experience

70% of purchases are influenced by the customer’s experience alone, according to SalesForce. Delivering a remarkable shopping experience is key to customer satisfaction and retention. Apps help you do so by allowing a great deal of personalization. By designing a custom experience for every user, you can ensure that your customers feel valued and special. Mobile apps enable businesses to personalize content and customize the entire buying journey, for every unique app user. This enhances the buyer’s experience.

7. Customer loyalty

Gaining someone’s loyalty takes time and effort, especially when you want the person at the other end to spend their money on your products! With hordes of businesses vying for the same target group, it is vital that you offer customers something that they will truly value. Rewards, discount codes, coupons, and special offers are key to building customers’ loyalty towards your brand – and that is exactly what you can do with an app.

8. Cross-selling

An app is a fantastic avenue to encourage your customers to explore other things that your business has to offer. For instance, you can offer your app user extra content, premium features, related products, and subscriptions. Apps allow you to cross-sell your offerings via in-app promotions or purchases. Most leading app marketplaces, like Google Play and the iOS App Store, also allow you to advertise and offer in-app purchases directly on the app store.

9. Brand image

Branding is an indispensable activity in today’s overcrowded market. No matter how much effort you put into it, it always seems less. Gone are the days when having a mobile app would be considered a “differentiator”. Modern-day customers “expect” businesses to have an app. Apart from all the other wonderful benefits that an app offers, maintaining (or improving) your brand’s image, reputation, and recall value are among its most distinct advantages.

10. Revenue

Since apps enable you to significantly cut down shopping time, enhance the buying experience, and offer centralized access to your business offerings, this combination of factors is bound to lead to an improvement in sales. Several businesses have realized the potential that mobile apps have to increase their revenues, and have gained massive returns on their investment. Apart from giving you a platform to sell your products, strategies such as in-app advertising, in-app purchases, premium and paid versions of an app, can help create additional revenue streams for your business.

11. Customer service

An app gives you the opportunity to address customer demands and concerns in real time. One of the best parts about having an app for your business is that you can really elevate the degree of customer service you offer. While exploring and buying items is a priority for your customers, having 24X7 support to address grievances, is an equally important concern for today’s buyers. With an app, you can integrate real-time chat support, a help desk and several other options to increase the efficiency of the customer service aspect of your business.

12. Feedback

Apps allow you to get real-time feedback from users. Your customers may not find what they are looking for, or may have a question related to your offerings, or may want to make suggestions in order to fulfill their wish-list. An app can enable you to acknowledge customer feedback and make changes accordingly (whenever and wherever required).

13. Actionable insights

An app is by far the most convenient and effective way to gather priceless customer data. User information is the one big facet that enables a business to serve its customers better and generate more sales. Modern apps are equipped to collect, organize, and reproduce customer data in the form of demographics, lucrative markets (geographies), customer needs, and preferences. Insights gleaned through app analytics can enable you to make smarter, quicker, and better decisions.

There are many statistics that point to the fact that investing in a solid mobile app for your business is something you definitely cannot ignore. So, what is holding you back? If you are on the lookout for an experienced mobile app development company in the United States, get in touch with us today!

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