Website Development: The Pros and Cons of Using a Template Vs. Building from Scratch

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Should we use a template in its original form? Or, should we hire a developer to customize it for us?

Most businesses looking for a website or in need of rebuilding an existing website face this all-important dilemma. A custom-built website was very desirable until recently. However, the game changed when templates entered into the picture and made lives easier for people who did not have large budgets, time, or the capacity to build their website from scratch.

Just as custom websites are necessary for certain companies, website templates provide a great solution to certain companies. Several web development enterprises in the United States offer either or both of these services. For new entrants, startups, and small to mid-sized enterprises, analyzing the difference between a website made from scratch and one built with a template can be a challenging task. Let us look at both approaches to building a website, and look at the pros and cons to keep in mind before you make a decision.

Pros of ready-to-use website templates

1.Fast and furious

A dynamic template can be located, bought, and deployed within a matter of days, if not hours.

2. Saves money

Anyone can purchase a basic template for as little as a few hundred dollars. This means you do not have to spend anything over and above that cost of a template unless you want specific customizations and functionalities.

3. Pretty straight forward

Templates are not very complicated, and most of them are ready for you to drop your content into them. This means anyone – literally anyone – can create a website without needing the services of experienced designers or developers.

4. Inbound-friendly

Templates come ready for your inbound strategies, with well-placed areas for banners, calls to action, and a mobile-ready design.

Cons of readymade website templates

1.You cannot be too selective

Several template options are available on the internet. However, the possibility that you may choose the one that is not exactly compatible with what you need remains omnipresent. While the number of ecommerce website templates increase daily, most of them still have certain limitations.

2. You will have to be flexible with your branding

Instead of the website template adapting to your brand, it is generally the other way around. You can easily find yourself shuffling things around in order to ensure that your brand and the template go well together.

3. You will be paying extra for additional functionalities

In case you need additional features, functionalities, or customizations, you will have to pay extra for such modifications. 

Pros of building your website from scratch

1.Your dream website

The options are limitless when you get a custom-made website. Based on your specifications almost any feature or tool can be added.

2. One-of-a-kind design

Your custom website is the only website like itself. Nothing is copy-pasted. There is no fear of finding another website on the internet that looks exactly like yours.

3. Exclusive experience

You can develop a unique, branded experience with a custom website design. An expert developer can help create distinct functionalities and code your site exactly the way you want it to operate at every single touchpoint.

4. Safe and secure

Custom-built websites have a safety net, as they are tailor-made and not accessible for people to pick and use. You can also get additional layers of security built into them.

5. Scalable when needed

As opposed to template-based websites, you can add many features to your project whenever you want – as and when you want to scale up in the future. 

Cons of building your own custom site

1.The cost factor

Hiring the right company can cost quite a bit more than making your website on a template. That is because it needs an expert team to brainstorm and collaborate with you and then execute your custom website.


When comparing a template website, which can be up and running within a few hours, custom websites take much longer to build. This is because experienced developers will create code and design every single aspect of your custom website manually.

3. Difficulty in communicating your vision

At times, we are unable to articulate our vision to the web development team, who are relying on you entirely to start creating

The Bottom Line

For firms with small budgets and timeline constraints, a template-based website is the way to go. Website templates have many restrictions on brand expression, functionality, and scalability. However, you can get your site up and running in no time, which can be a great advantage.

For companies that do not wish to compromise on the quality of their website and have a decent budget and time to spare, choosing to build a custom site is a no-brainer. A custom website is built specifically for your needs, tailored to your brand’s identity and positioning, and configured to grow with you.

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