Qualdev – Newly Redesigned Website!

We are very excited to welcome you to our newly redesigned website! This is not just a coat of fresh paint on an old website; we have gone the whole nine yards and revamped the entire site. After a lot of hard work, the complete redesign from the ground-up has an incredible amount of new features – the navigation, the design, the content, everything – is new. We built our new website using the latest technology to offer a complete browsing experience regardless of the viewing platform. Do not just take our word on it, access our website on your PC or on a mobile device and see for yourselves.

For the past twelve years, we have focused every iota of our energy on building the most awesome applications for our clients. We did want to update our own website for a very long time, but kept putting it off, as we always believe in putting our clients first. Finally, we realized that by not updating our websites, we were doing a disservice to our clients and all our stakeholders, including each of our team members and their awesome work; as we were not presenting our strengths to the world appropriately. Therefore, we decided it was time to ‘show-off’ our talent.

The new website is a better representation of ‘who’ we are as a company, what we do for our clients; showcasing our latest projects and gives recognition to some clients who have trusted us with their web based applications for years – and who over time, have become our best friends and mentors.  We have the great fortune of working with fantastic clients and there is nothing better than showcasing their work to provide a better sense of who we areOur clients ‘trust’ is the reason for our success.

We have improved the overall navigation, which helps you quickly get a synopsis of what you can find in a particular link before even clicking it so that you find what you are looking for quickly. You can learn more about the services we have to offer in the ‘What we do’ section.  If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest QualDev news, please subscribe to our newsletter.

We have also included some case studies (which we will keep adding to) as well as some before and after scenarios to show the drastic improvements our talented team can bring about.

We are finally able to show some of the great tools we have built for our clients – which we could never fully communicate to all of them – and which have proved to be of great help to those who use them to manage and grow their business processes.

Lastly, look at our new blog to see the latest tips and guides on improving your website and growing your business, doing some routine jobs more efficiently and to learn about other cutting-edge technologies.

We encourage you to explore the new website, although much has changed, our core values and beliefs created over the years, are still the same and is a full presentation our our company – the work we do – and all of us. We thank everyone who gave us feedback on the website design, and helped us to create the website you see today.

We always welcome new opportunities to collaborate and work with interesting people and clients. Whether you are in need of an e-commerce website, mobile development, html 5 animation, web design, internet marketing and any other kind of programming, give us a call!

We have been hard at work on the new website and hope that you find your experience with it, both user friendly and enjoyable. We hope you like it as much as we do! As they say – it is not the end, but the focal of a new beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.