4 Tips To Improve eCommerce Sales and Conversion Rate

What matters most for your ecommerce site?

Ultimately, everything boils down to converting visitors into subscribers or customers. Your site needs to be optimized to attract visitors, help them form a picture of your business and convince them to buy from your store.

Whether you’re selling holiday packages, designer clothes, home decor items or electronics; e-commerce today has transformed the way shop. It is all about taking a humanized approach toward users’ needs and not just about quick shopping from your home.

As an ecommerce store owner, you need to stop considering your target audience as online traffic. Remember, it is not about increasing online traffic, rather engaging with your visitors at different levels.

But unfortunately, people just don’t understand ecommerce SEO optimization. It is not just about writing cookie-cutter product descriptions or paid search. One of the worst mistakes is fiddling around with CTAs, experimenting with filters, and maneuvering homepage.

In fact, the entire focus is on the homepage and nothing but the homepage. However, the shocking truth is that users don’t care about your homepage.

What matter the most to users is your product pages. But your target audience should be actually to find that page, reach that page, and convince them to buy.

Here are the 4 important tips which will help you to increase sales and conversion for your eCommerce store:


Know the User’s Search Queries

Get in user’s psyche and know what they are finding and offer just about that. Remember, users will not just land on your ecommerce site.

They are searching for your products on search engines. It is important to optimize your product pages for such queries. Your primary goal is to rank for a combination of words that identify your product and rank for such a query.


Leverage Long-Tail Keywords & Metas

Conversion optimization is not possible unless you optimize your product pages for keywords. Gone are those primitive days of stuffing keywords in the copy. You need to leverage the long tail keywords and phrases in order to optimize your page for conversion.

There are several ways of making optimum use of long tail keywords in your product description, copy, title, and Alt tags.

Also, Meta tags are the primary level of contact with your target audience who are searching for keywords on various search engines. This effectively means that title and description tags are the entry points for your store from Search Engines. So get your Meta tags right


Get Killer Product Description

Well, there is no place for cookie cutter product description. If you think you can simply copy paste the description from any other source on to your website, you are going to miss out on an important chance of improving the conversion rate.

Remember, the killer product description is not about writing two pages long description. Simply writing a long copy will not help you convert.

You need to understand what the users want and persuade them to buy. The persuasive and compelling copy will sell. It is about time to tell a story about your product and grab user’s attention.

Here are few tips about presenting your copy in the best possible manner:

  • Showcase most important product features at the beginning of paragraphs and bullets.
  • Avoid making tall and false claims – users know if your claims aren’t genuine.
  • Try to provide both short and long product description. Site visitors in a hurry will read a short summary and visitors who need more information will refer to a long description.
  • Don’t rely on long paragraphs.  Use bulleted points to make your message easy to scan.


Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Images and Videos

In today’s world, images and videos matter to users. They serve as information touch points. Ask your ecommerce development company to consider close-up product videos which help users get a sneak peek into your product. The main idea is to show HD quality video of the product where the entire focus of the video is on product visuals.

If videos are not a feasible option, use custom product images that show details. Always use high-resolution images. You can consider the 360-degree option with views with the option to zoom.


Way Ahead

The key to ecommerce conversion is not to optimize each and every page, rather just limit the optimization to the products you sell. Get to know your users, how they search products and satisfy their needs. This simple approach will skyrocket your conversion rates.