E-Commerce Reimagined – Why Magento 2 is Still Your Best Bet in 2022

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Ecommerce has grown massively amidst the pandemic. Over the past couple of years, firms across the globe have concentrated on selling their products online. For this, ecommerce business owners (or aspiring ones) needed nothing less than a trustworthy and comfortable solution to monetize their products and solutions online. With user-friendliness, extensibility, flexibility, and scalability at the forefront of any modern business endeavor, it is important to look at developing an eCommerce website or app that has the necessary characteristics.

Let Us Start With The Basics – What Is Magento 2?

That is where an experienced and specialized Magento development company can help. Here is looking at why Magento 2 continues to be the platform of choice for ecommerce development.

Magento 2 is the most trusted CMS (Content Management System). It is used to build ecommerce websites worldwide. It is robust, has scalable architecture, and is compatible even with the most delinquent technologies. Magento 2 enables you to automatically revamp your website and make functionality on it as smooth and seamless as possible.

On average, one out of every five ecommerce businesses use Magento 2 development services to bolster their online presence. The preliminary motive of releasing Magento 2 over Magento 1 was to improve customer experience. Magento 2 is known to be a powerhouse of ingenious features. The CMS enables ecommerce businesses to supply top-quality shopping experiences.

Magento 2 is effortless and loads swiftly, provides ease of use, and improves safety features. The best element is that this version is highly customizable to deliver impressive convenience. Listed below are the top 10 reasons why Magento 2 continues to be a leading ecommerce development platform.

1. Flexible CMS

Magento is an incredible platform for ecommerce. Magento has a practical, flexible CMS for all types of eCommerce stores. Small or large eCommerce websites, you can construct it all.

2. Touch matters

The ability to edit layouts using drag-and-drop options is a key feature of Magento 2. The administrative dashboard is responsive and has a touch-friendly navigation. This allows users to access their stores via a variety of devices like tablets as well.

3. User-friendly approach

The most noticeable change is that Magento 2 has acquired an admin panel. The panel has a simplified navigation for tools, a discreet design, and less orange. It appears to be a completely different system. The administrator can customize the panel to gain quick access to critical business information.

4. Faster loading

One of the highlights of Magento is the speed of the website. It is equipped with rapid website loading and rendering capabilities as compared to other platforms. Speed can contribute to achieving exemplary CRO and search engine rankings.

5. SEO friendly

Higher ranking leads to higher traffic. The Magento 2 platform enables the creation of SEO-friendly pages. It has a powerful, progressive feature for SEO that helps improve the rank of your product pages.

6. Mobile friendly

When was the last time you did not have a cell phone in your hand? Nearly 80% to 90% of online shopping transactions take place on mobiles today. Having a responsive website that works on all smart phones and tablets will assist in yielding sales and expanding your customer base. A dynamic and responsive Magento 2 based website or ecommerce store can deliver an excellent user experience on smartphones.

7. Third-party collaboration

Magento 2 can integrate your ecommerce platform with Google Shopping, eBay, PayPal, Quickbooks, and more. It enables you to add Google Analytics and other third-party integrations to assist in data analytics.

8. Custom configuration options

When you add custom options to a product in Magento 2, you allow your consumers to select product options that they require without leaning on the attributes of the product. Customizable choices will enable you to organize products to assemble cart price rules and dynamic categories rules as well.

9. Modules for extended functionality

Magento 2 utilizes the module concept as the base tool to expand or alter Magento functionality. Each module contains a fragment of PHP code correlated to the same task, like a new payment method or changing how taxes are calculated.

10. Improved checkout process

While using Magento 2, the user does not encounter complex checkout processes. Magento 2 has removed specific steps; for instance –

  • Filling out your card details
  • No confusion on the order success page

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Closing thoughts

Magento is a platform to consider if you need an online eCommerce store that’s tailor-made to your specific business needs.