How To Prepare For Mobile Commerce in 2019


Ecommerce has continued to grow at a spectacular pace. One of the key drivers of this growth is mobile commerce (M-commerce). More shoppers now complete their purchases on smartphones. You can no longer ignore this trend if you are an online business owner.

For a start, mobile internet traffic has surpassed desktop internet traffic. This means that your shoppers will most likely use a smartphone to shop on your website.

As per Javelin recent report,

smartphone-enabled purchases will grow from $122 billion in 2015 through to nearly $319 billion by 2020.”

Simply put, you have to cater to mobile shoppers on your online business. These will soon form the largest part of your customer base.

Check out these m-commerce trends you should consider while creating your business strategy for 2019:

Personalized user experience

Smartphone users have grown used to receiving personalized experiences on their devices. They expect to get the same experience when they visit your ecommerce store.

According to a Research Report from Accenture, 43% of consumers prefer companies that personalize their experiences. This means that you need to invest in smart personalization on your ecommerce website.

For instance, you should provide personalized offers, promotions, product recommendations to your customers. consider their previous searches, demographics, smartphone type and any other personal data you collect.

Personalized experiences not only boost sales conversion but also increase customer satisfaction ratings while boosting customer loyalty.

Omni-channel experience

The modern shopper wants a seamless experience irrespective of their location, time and reason for shopping. With a smartphone in their hands, mobile shoppers want instant gratification. One way of satisfying them is to provide a seamless experience on multiple devices.

Research says that the customer’s purchase journey might start on a PC before moving to a smartphone.  So, you must optimize your ecommerce website for all devices.

More importantly, you need to offer consistent branding across all these platforms. Providing the same profile on multiple platforms and personalized content across channels is the only way to go. It helps to provide a safe and satisfactory shopping experience irrespective of the channels.

This is one of the best techniques to guarantee M-commerce growth at your online store in 2019.

Seamless checkout process

Poor checkout process affects overall online sales and revenue. If cart abandonment rate is high on your online store, you should streamline your checkout process.

Most smartphone shoppers use their devices for fun and they do a lot of impulse buying while they are at it. If you want to target these users, you have to provide them with a simple and safe checkout process.

Offer one-click checkout process to attract your smartphone users. Most of the users have a short span of attention and they will not spend hours to complete their order.

A seamless checkout process reduces cart abandonment and increases sales conversion.

Multiple ecommerce platforms provide one-click checkout integration. This means that you need to find the most suitable one-click checkout for your business. This is one of the most effective strategies to get your ecommerce business ready for M-commerce in 2019.

Automated customer services

According to recent studies, by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without the need for a human agent. This is a crucial thing to remember when planning for your ecommerce strategy in 2019.

To optimize your business for mobile commerce, you need to provide better customer service. Automation is the best way to do this.

When it comes to customer service website speed is vital. you need to automate your customer service in order to satisfy mobile phone users.

This will reduce bounce rates and cart abandonment rates while increasing sales conversion and customer satisfaction levels at the same time. Chatbots are now an integral part of customer support and in 2019. Your online business must embrace this technology to stay ahead of the pack.

Implementation of augmented reality

A few years back, augmented reality (AR) might have sounded like a lofty futuristic concept. However, today AR is a reality and marketers have embraced it to attract customers. In mobile marketing, you can now get a slice of the AR market through innovative mobile app development. Create a mobile app that displays your products in locations familiar to your customers.

The AR-enabled app allows your customers to try your products out virtually.  so that they can see how they look.

Augmented Reality works best for mobiles. Before 2019, your business should prepare to use this technology. With so many people using smartphones today, there are unlimited opportunities for AR technology to optimize your M-commerce business.

cryptocurrency payment method

Cryptocurrencies have dominated the online debate over the last few years. What started as an innovative, rebellious and futuristic way of transacting has finally metamorphosed into a serious payment method.

There are multiple cryptocurrencies acceptable by both online and offline businesses. Most smartphone shoppers understand the use of cryptocurrencies. This means that important to explore and integrate cryptocurrency payment methods on your website. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin carry low transaction fees and are safer.

Using cryptocurrencies makes it faster to complete online transactions, something smartphone shoppers always look for when transacting online. Cryptocurrencies are the future of payments.

You should provide cryptocurrency as a payment method to attract new customers and build customer loyalty.

Supercharge page load speed

Every mobile phone user wants to see a page instantaneously when they visit your online store. There is no other way about it. A slow ecommerce website will struggle with high bounce rates, low satisfaction rates, poor sales and a host of other problems.

Optimized speed for every website forms the core of good ecommerce development. Think about mobile-first when building your website and make sure smartphones can load your pages easily.

Learning about these and more m-commerce trends makes it possible to prepare your online business for mobile commerce. Nowadays, Major of online users makes online shopping using their smartphone.

So, it is strongly advisable to optimize your ecommerce store to provide better user experience to mobile users.