Know When It Is Time For You To Refresh Your Website

Good websites play a pivotal role when representing the services and products that online businesses promote. Hence, it is important that every business check their website and research other websites to ensure their sites look better, respond faster and deliver information more efficiently than their competitors. Consulting with expert web designers at QualDev Inc. can get you the advice about ‘when’ and ‘on what’ to invest while refreshing your website.

Here is a list of important signs that would help you gauge whether your website and the information on it, is still effective or in immediate need of a tone up.

  1. Drop in visitors traffic

    If the number of visitors on your website is decreasing consistently, it is crucial that you take care of the situation as soon as possible in order to achieve more traffic. If this is happening to you then there must be a reason that is preventing visitors to come back. In this case, you could opt for a tool like ‘Google Analytics’ that helps by providing different static reports of a visitor’s behavior on your website.
    Having an updated aesthetic design and useful content on your website helps to engage visitors and encourages them to spend more time on your website.

  2. Your website does not render on mobile devices

    The exponential proliferation of smarter mobile devices means more visitors try to reach you using their mobile. When your website is unable to render or is difficult to navigate on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, you lose a huge number of visitors.
    Revamping your website using ‘Responsive Website Design Technology’ ensures that your website will look great and work properly on every device both mobile and on desktop; and at the same time ensures that you expand your visitor base.

  3. Long loading time and obsolete functions

    In this fast moving era of efficient technology, visitors bounce rate increases significantly when your website takes too long to load. Visitors switch to other websites taking their valuable business elsewhere. Heavy graphics and unnecessary functions could be the reason for an increase in the load time of your website. A web agency like QualDev with the capabilities and expertise to efficiently deal with such issues could take care of this problem and make your website load faster.

  4. Visitors do not browse beyond the home page

    Visitors visit your website but do not continue to browse beyond the home page. This is a clear indication that your website needs a fresh look and maybe new features to engage visitors. Use ‘Google Analytics’ to analyze the different activities a visitor carries out on your website. That will help you and your web agency to update your website with what visitors were actually looking for.

  5. Your website does not appear in search results

    If your website is not ranking well in popular search engines like ‘Google’, for keywords of the products and services your website offers, then need to sort this out soon. Updating the content on your website regularly and ensure you use correct competitive keywords, could improve ranking in search engine results. Our expert team of SEO professional at QualDev can assist you to improve your website’s SERP rankings.

At lot of changes have taken place over the last few years, so if you designed your website five or more years ago, it would definitely be lacking many modern features used to boost ROI. Our expert team at QualDev can give you best advice for features we mentioned in our post above. We would help you update your website so that it confirms to latest trends and is ready for any competition.

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