How To Avoid Emails Going To Spam?

Do your email land in the spam folder? Looking for the guide to keep your emails getting into the inbox.

Check out this tips to learn how to avoid emails going to spam:

  • Don’t buy or rent lists for email marketing. Yes, you can legally purchase lists of people who have agreed to email communications, but they aren’t likely to actually want your emails, increasing the likelihood they will mark you as spam.
  • Don’t scrape sites for email addresses. This is always illegal.
  • Don’t use all caps anywhere in your email or its subject line.
  • Don’t use video, Flash, or JavaScript within your email.
  • Don’t forget to include alt text in emails with images so they can be easily read by all email clients.
  • Don’t embed forms in your emails; send recipients to a landing page on your site instead.
  • Don’t use spam trigger words like “free,” “guarantee,” and “no obligation” in your subject line or email body. A good rule of thumb is, if it sounds like something a used car salesman would say, it’s probably a spam trigger word.
  • Don’t use a red font when drafting your email. And not that a legitimate email marketer would, but also refrain from using a white font on top of a white background.
  • Don’t use exclamation points!!!!!
  • Don’t forget to use spell check; misspellings are yet another spam indicator in your email copy.
  • Don’t jam-pack your email copy with keywords.
  • Don’t use tons of images, or very large images. And remember, all images should have associated alt text!
  • Don’t email people who have bounced repeatedly; it can cause your IP address to be blacklisted.
  • Don’t include attachments to your emails. Just as with landing pages, send recipients to a page on your site to download whatever it is you want to send.