How Is AR/VR Transforming Jewelry Sales Online

How AR is transforming jewelry sales online

Online shoppers are looking for a buying experience that is free of disappointment. Stores, on the other hand, are looking to meet the expectations of buyers. The solution for the buyer and seller lies in embracing augmented reality.

The growing popularity of Virtual or Augmented Reality can be attributed to how close it brings buyers to the real experience that they would have at the shop. AR/VR Mobile app development services have provided solutions that enhance the experience for buyers, providing them with experiences that are similar to those that they would receive while making physical purchases at a store. AR/VR provide unique benefits to both online businesses and online shoppers.

Benefits of Using AR/VR When Shopping For Jewelry Online

  • Try before You Buy – Unique try-on apps provide a realistic experience of how jewelry would appear when worn on any part of the body. Try-on app allows the viewer to place a chain or necklace around their image and provides them with a view of how it would appear when worn. By the time the shopper is ready to order a watch or chain, they are sure that it will complement their clothes or fits their neck. This helps stores to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing – Augmented reality allows a buyer to see and feel more elements of an accessory than would be possible while looking at an ordinary image of the item online. The buyer can twist the necklace 180 degrees to view the item from every angle in an animated manner. This allows a store to sell more items instead of restricting them to use still images or videos that fail to highlight the true beauty of the item.
  • Improved business efficiency – Many jewelry shoppers hesitate to order their accessories online because they want to try them on first. The use of VR or AR allows buyers to try out jewelry without the need to visit a store. As a store, you do not have to spend a fortune on rent to provide a counter where buyers could try out your products. AR or VR helps you to meet this need.
  • Increased engagement at your store – shopping for jewelry is an extremely personal experience. Virtual reality allows a buyer to engage with your accessories using a smartphone. Though the engagement is visual, it improves the overall customer experience.
  • Data analytics for your business – Collecting and analyzing data about activities that customers perform on your website can help you understand their desires. The data you collect can help to identify accessories that were tried out more than other and could also provide insight about and elements that are important to buyers. The data resulting from such analytics helps you improve your business intelligence. The insights will enable you to understand your customers better.
  • Connecting to Multiple channels – AR/VR Mobile app development services have brought about the development of apps and intelligent mechanisms to help you connect different stores while selling your accessories. Such a connection allows buyers to compare products offered on these websites and offers a solution to reduce buyer remorse.
  • Customized online shopping experience – each accessory is unique in terms of the elements that catch the interest of buyers. Virtual reality allows you to personalize the experience for each item. Individual buyers appreciate the facility because they are able to interact with each item in a manner that befits the wearing of each item, irrespective of whether it is a bracelet, a necklace, an anklet, or a ring. The store can personalize the experience for each item to enhance the buyer experience.

As developers advance the AR or VR experience, they are expanding the range of benefits. As a jewelry store, you need to be proactive and search for new virtual reality features and technologies that allow you to enhance the user experience that you provide on your website. The technology or feature you use today will be obsolete in a while. This means that you must keep up with the changes in technology.

Jewelry store owners need to maintain their focus on preparing accessories and serving customers. You do not have the time to follow up on every emerging feature and technology. The best approach to keep your store up-to-date with AR or VR technology is by hiring the services of a company that provides professional AR/VR Mobile app development services.

There are numerous developers offering such services in the market today. The kind of technology you get on your website will depend on the technical ability of the developers you hire. How do you choose a developer who will meet your expectations and deliver quality VR/AR features?

  • Technical expertise – hire developers who understand VR/AR technology and have experience delivering AR/VR enabled apps. You can determine who these developers are by evaluating their training and experience. Check the profiles of freelancers and companies to establish whether they are trained before hiring them.
  • References – request the developers to provide contacts of clients for whom they have developed AR/VR enabled apps or websites. This gives you a firsthand experience of their work. If the technology and features are impressive, you can hire them confidently. Do not risk working with amateurs in the hope that they will deliver quality work.
  • Innovative developers – the options available for developers on the AR/VR platform are endless. An innovative developer will create an experience that is captivating and one that compels the buyer to order from you. Their creativity will set your store apart from others and therefore draw more buyers to it.
  • Latest technology – the developers should be using the latest technology in AR/VR. The industry is advancing rapidly and providing incredible options for app and web developers. Hire developers who will install the latest features for VR/AR. This will make your website and user experience more advanced than your competitors’ website.
  • Cost of development – how much will the developers charge you? The cost will depend on the features and technology that you ask them to incorporate into your website. Demand an itemized quotation that provide all possible details of the elements you are paying to get. Such a quotation helps you ensure that you get value for money.

VR/AR technology is the latest feature available to jewelry stores that are looking to provide their customers with a unique user experience. Engage expert AR/VR Mobile app development services Who have the expertise to deliver personalized solutions that suit your business model. Hire developers who are experienced and innovative to boost the chances of getting quality work. Invest in professional developers who will deliver features that place you way ahead of your competition.