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LogoResponsive customized ecommerce wholesale jewelry website with dedicated control panel

– Customized B2B responsive jewelry ecommerce website, that reflects Dilamani’s brand
– The responsive, well-organized site allows retailers and consumers to find what they are looking for very quickly. Users can search by jewelry category (e.g. bracelets, rings, necklaces) or by collection.
– Visitors are able to view inventory, also able to filter inventory using intuitive options on product list page
– Look Books – to display Dilamani’s finest jewelry along with high fashion and lifestyle photography
– Schedule appointments securely, on the website for one-on-one time with a Dilamani representative
– Website provides visitors with options to download product information in CSV, as well as to receive images for those products in a zip file
– Visitors are also provided an option to locate stores that carry Dilamani’s products.
– Customers and retailers can purchase special discounted pieces at the site’s sale section
– Retailers can login to view inventory and place orders for them
– Retailers have independent accounts, where they can login and view lists of items they are interested in, as well as get quantities available or each product.
– Retailers are no longer limited to showing visitors just their in-stock Dilamani pieces. Visitors have firsthand access to all of Dilamani’s fine jewelry without needing a login.

– Each Retailer is provided with passwords that the administrator generates from the admin panel. Each individual password is associated with a specific pattern that ties to a specific price markup percentage; and allows the retailer to access and view products at specifically marked up rates.
– Powerful admin panel with a number of configuration options designed to provide powerful controls to manage customer information, product information, Inquires, content on CMS pages, etc.
– Among all other functions available, the administrator is able to perform the following as well
– – Set price discount for products based on category, customer wise, for generic as well as items flagged for ‘sale’.
– – Manage details for trade shows, trunk shows, advertisements, product look books
– – Tag products as New Arrival, Featured/Special etc. to highlight them on list pages
– – Flag products that should show only after a visitor logs in to their account on the website
– – Track individual visitors login and logout history