Analytic-Data Drives Precise Decision Making- Decreases Investment & Increases Return Of Investment (Roi)

The phrase ‘It’s important you make “data-driven” decisions’ has generated a lot of buzz lately. However, data is everywhere. How should one go about filtering through and finding useful data, a how should one use that data to make the right ecommerce decisions remain the biggest questions that face every retailer.

Let briefly understand “What are Analytic-Data-Driven Decisions”

Perhaps it is the most powerful tool to build strategies. It allows merchants to make more informed decisions. Since these choices are based on data insights, as opposed to mere hunches or incomplete information, business owners can take the guessing out of these decisions and prevent unnecessary spending, expensive trials, or even mistakes.
For instance, a retailer who is in the business of selling electronics. Using analytic data he found that his customers are using mobile & tablets to browse site and it is “Conversion-Killer” Using Analytic-Data he was able to make a data-driven decision and focused on making his site mobile friendly,  instead of blindly investing his budget on Add-On Features and Marketing  ads.

Your Data Can Do More for You Than You Know, when correctly implemented and interpreted, web analytics provide eCommerce merchants with a wealth of valuable, actionable data that can be leveraged for great benefit. The data derived from a proper implementation can tell an experienced interpreter where your sales are coming from, the amount of revenue generated from each of your online marketing efforts, what your customers are looking for, and where they are being lost. Analytics can also serve as a control and feedback loop for diagnosing coding problems, compatibility issues, improving your SEO, and increasing your store’s conversion rate.

What Tool you should use to collect your own ecommerce Analytic-Data?

Although Google Analytics is a very popular tool for tracking website and generating Analytic-Data, but it’s not the only solution and certainly not the perfect solution for everyone. It is a tool for professional who can interpret the lot of information & reporting provided. Non-tech user can’t extrat the worthfull information out of it .

The Tool that allow you to focus on the most actionable website details is the best suitable for you.

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