Additional Features To Improve Sales On Your Website

Technology is ever evolving and each advancement requires that your site evolve to ensure it remains user friendly and fresh. Keeping this in mind, we track new trends and developments and suggest latest trends that would help you keep your sites at par to leave the competition behind.

Here is a list of the latest trends to help you promote your online business

  1. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts, to prevent loss

    According to a computation by , the average abandonment rate for online shopping carts is roughly 65% – an overwhelming majority, and a substantial amount of money that you would want to capture using any means possible.

    What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

    A visitor enters the checkout process and leaves before completing it. Shopping cart abandonment suggests a loss of orders and in turn is a loss to your business. A higher shopping cart abandon rate, suggests a lower sales conversion rate – meaning that you have to work that much harder to achieve your business goals.

    The Top 3 reasons. Why shoppers abandon their cart?
    • A lengthy checkout process: 10%
    • They could not find their preferred options to pay: 24%
    • High shipping charges: 46%
    Features & Plug-ins that we offer to help you reduce average abandonment rate
    1. Track Abandoned Carts

      We add a plug-in to the backend of your website that provides your website’s administrator with details of shopping carts that were abandoned or did not convert into an order. The administrator can view details of the cart and analyze the shopper’s last activity, and then:

      • Communicate with shoppers (if they filled out their information) to convert a sale.
      • Ascertain steps they need to take to prevent other shoppers from abandoning their shopping cart.
    2. One Page Checkout – “Guest Checkout” or “Express Checkout”

      Also known as ‘Express Checkout’ or ‘Guest Checkout’, provides a seamless form of customer checkout offering the customer an option to complete their purchase immediately without needing to register an account, or follow a lengthy checkout process after filling their cart. This tool has proven to be effective in reduce shopping cart abandonment greatly.

    3. Multiple Online/Offline Payment Options
      • CyberSource found that offering additional payment options boosted sales figures. The survey indicated that sales went up by an average of 14% when retailers offered three or more payment options during their checkout.
      • We upgrade your website to support a variety of payment options like Credit Card, PayPal Express Checkout, Google Checkout, Amazon Checkout, Gift Card, BillMeLater, Wire-Transfer, eChecks and many more…
      • Although credit cards are the most popular mode of payment on e-commerce websites, recent surveys proved that 61% of online shoppers are more likely to pay using PayPal Express Checkout, Google Checkout, or Amazon Checkout, as they do not have to bother about credit card security issues.
      • We allow your website administrator to control multiple payment options from the backend, allowing them to decide which payment options would be available on the website.
      • Optionally, we provide website administrators with a customized feature to allow them to set payment options for Specific customers, Specific Categories and/or Specific Countries.
    4. Save Cart / Abandon Cart Reminder.

      It always profits to help your customers save their purchases. You may never know when a customer would take a break or want to return to their order for any reason. When they return, you might not want to welcome them back to your store with an empty cart. This feature enables your customers to save their shopping cart, and store items they selected to purchase for later. It triggers automatically when the shopping cart is abandoned. The contents of the cart are then available as soon as the customer visits your website once again.

      To further enhance your customers shopping experience, we customize this module with additional features like:

      • Allowing customers to share their saved cart with others via a social networking site or email.
      • Set a reminder on the cart, providing the customer with a Buy Now or Buy Later facility. The reminders are sent via email.
      • Send customers auto-reminders after 24 hours reminding them about the cart they saved with a notification that they could return to complete the purchase.

      Did you know?
      Forrester’s study also found that 41% of online shoppers, who abandon their carts, do so because they are unprepared to make the purchase. Therefore, online store owners could further profit by giving customers the option to complete their purchase when they are ready.

    5. Integration with CREDEX

      This is a proven revolutionary online service for stores that offer their customers FINANCE or CREDIT Schemes. Integrating CREDEX with online stores empowers the merchant to identify, qualify, and approve consumers in just seconds for the best credit product available; and customers can then complete their purchase at checkout instantly using the credit provided.

      What is credex?
      CREDEX helps merchants get new customers, close more sales, and increase profitability. Once you feature the Credex icons, buttons, and banners on your website, customers can apply for instantaneous credit with a minimal amount of personal information. One of Credex’s partner banks may issue your customers new credit, which may include special financing programs with below market interest rates and level payment plans. The Credex credit facility provides your customers with their new credit instantaneously allowing them to make additional purchases on your website.

  2. Powerful Onsite Search

    Search functionality has become a powerful tool for online retailers to guide their customers, securing their loyalty and further increasing sales. Current market research on customer behavior by Norman Nielsen shows that at least 50% of web visitors use the search function straight away after entering an online store; with one out of three visitors terminating their search after not finding what they were looking for.

    We provide online retailers a combination of intelligent search and navigation options combined with behavioral merchandising solutions that they could use on their website to seize profitable opportunities and to help them increase sales by up to 50%, while ensuring customer satisfaction that results in further return business.

    Here is how we can enhance your existing online store’s onsite search program

    We use our specialized algorithm that is structured to first understand what visitors are looking for and then display appropriate results. Our Algorithm considers the following factors while carrying out a search

    Our Algorithm considers the following factors while carrying out a search

    1. Identifies misspelled words and suggests correct spelling or synonyms.
    2. Speed – We tweak the data storage structure to provide faster results.
    3. Improve Accuracy & Relevance of results displayed on the page, ensuring to display top-sellers and revenue boosters first always, while placing sale items and bad sellers below the fold or on the next page.
    4. The algorithm considers merchandising information to find more results.
    5. Providing filters on results pages – so that customers are able to find products that meet their preferences faster.

    6. Integrating Auto-complete & Suggestion options with search box – to display keywords and product suggestions as a customer types information into the search box to guide them toward a sale. Customers could either choose a keyword from the suggestions in the drop down or click directly on a product’s thumbnail image to go to the product’s detail page directly.
    Top Reasons for Providing Powerful on-site Search
    • Customers can locate products they are looking for faster.
    • They can use generic terms and yet find products.
    • Suggestions guide them towards positive decisions.
  3. Order Tracking & Fulfillment Program
    Why would you require an Order Management Tool?

    Visiting multiple sites and portals individually to collect and process orders is a time consuming and overwhelming task. You could try looking for software that could organize your orders for you, but the options available may have limitations or require technical expertise that is not always available.

    Our Order Management Tool

    Our robust online Order Management Tool allows you to collect and process orders from various popular portals, in one place. Our tool provides options to view orders, sort them by portal, search for particular orders, process shipping, print shipping labels and much more – so that you can manage your orders efficiently.

    Top Reasons to Use Our Order Management Tool
    • It is customized to collect orders from multiple online sales channels, like a website, eBay store, Amazon store etc.
    • Has options to search through, or sort orders as desired.
    • Process orders and prepare shipping labels from a single panel.
    • Print packing slips and order slips required for interdepartmental paperwork.
    • Update shipping information and Inform customers of their order’s status.

  4. Mobile Website / Mobile Apps

    By the year 2016, more than 1- billion consumers will own a smart-phone. For retailers, this means that it is time to jump on the mobile integration bandwagon. Did you know 75% of customers prefer a mobile-friendly site?At QualDev, we use various tools to analyze your website and figure out how visitors visiting your website on their mobile would behave. We suggest innovations to your site based on the results, so that when implemented, visitors using mobiles are able to browse through your whole website comfortably.

    Mobile is overtaking Website
  5. Social Media Integration

    Social Networking Sites help e-commerce to improve over-all sales.

    Right now, social media allows consumers to ‘like’ stores, products, or specific brands. The trend is moving towards even more specialized uses, including creating wish lists right on social media web sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

    Recently, Facebook launched a service that enabled people to send gifts to friends through Facebook, signaling the company’s future opportunities in e-commerce.

  6. Local Search Optimization – Geo Targeting

    Did you know Locality Search Optimization can increase your sales by 33%?

    Any business that gets some or all of its customers or clients locally should consider local SEO. The business could be a local restaurant, retail outlet; doctor’s, dentist or lawyer’s office, or just as easily be a local ad agency. If you have a physical address in a city and expect people to go there, you should get local SEO covered for that location.

    We optimize our client’s websites, making them more search-engine-friendly so that they can give their competition a run for their money by targeting users within their locality. We help their websites achieve top rankings on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. to ensure significant boost in traffic and return on investments.

  7. Affiliate Marketing Program for Websites.

    In Forrester Research’s ‘USA’s Affiliate Marketing Forecast’ for 2009-2014, they estimated that the affiliate marketing industry will grow from $1.9 billion in 2009 to $4 billion by 2014.

    Our robust Affiliate marketing system helps our clients to increase their revenue through affiliates successfully.

    Some of the salient features of the Online Marketing Channel are:

    • Multiple websites are setup within minutes to promote products online.
    • Each affiliate website has an individual domain, logo, and payment gateway.
    • No huge individual startup expenses, as affiliate websites are generated using predefined templates.
    • No technical expertise required, as the websites are setup from presets.
    • Each website looks professionally built and comes preloaded with products.
    • Manage inventory, images, and prices automatically from one control panel.
  8. Boost your Sale via third Party Paid Marketplaces & Channels

    Marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon attract more than 10 times more customers than ordinary e-commerce websites.According to Various eCommerce analysts, these marketplaces play a critical role in the success of any online retail business. Getting selling started on a marketplace is easy, but to be unique among the various sellers in these markets is crucial.

    Make your product listings & marketplace store stand out, by getting unique, attractive designs.

    At QualDev, we help you brand and cross sell products on your website as well as other sale portals successfully. We develop attractive layouts and spreads; integrate customized modules, designed to utilize every selling opportunities available on portals like eBay & Amazon. Our customized eBay Lister tool is ideal for listing and managing multiple products on your eBay store. We integrate our tool with your online database so that you are able to prepare feeds directly from your website. Our eBay setup and template design services are designed to provide your business with impressive branding.

    eBay stores we customize have the following components:

    • A personalized layout for the landing page of your eBay store. This layout would be as similar as the layout of your existing website.
    • You get a personalized layout for the Product Details area of the product-listing page on eBay as well.
    • If required, we provide Widgets to help collect additional information or provide added functionality.
    • Customized banners for enhanced visual presentation of services and products.
    • Access to the eBay Lister Tool, from where you can:
      1. Integrate the eBay lister tool to collect product information from an existing database, to generate a flat file to upload products you choose to list on eBay.
      2. Use the flat file to list products to your eBay store in three easy steps.
      3. Revise selected information for any listed product using a flat file format.
      4. Re-list products that have ended on eBay.
      5. End listings of products that may no longer be available for sale on eBay.
      6. View orders that you received for sales on eBay.
      7. Check inventory and status of products that you listed on eBay.
    • In case if you do not have an existing database containing the information of products you offer, we can create a customized database, with a control panel from where you can manage your product information easily.
    • How does opening an eBay Store increase your sales?