4 Things You Should Know About Shopify

4 Things You Should Know About Shopify

Over the past decade, merchants have wanted to get their businesses online. In doing so, the first question they always have is which ecommerce platform they should choose. Whether old or new in the online ecommerce world, entrepreneurs can turn to Shopify, a CMS with plug-and-play solutions that best suit a variety of needs.

Ten years ago, Shopify’s architect Tobi Lütke desired to trade snowboards. He realized it was particularly challenging to market snowboards online without an eCommerce platform. That is when Shopify was born. Today, Shopify’s web development interface leads the website and app designing world, catering to businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you sell online, on social media, in-store, or out of the trunk of your car – Shopify has got you covered.

Shopify’s evolved techniques and features can help any business boost sales, bait more customers, and offer a convenient and superior user experience. Let us take a deep dive into how Shopify provides custom-made services and helps businesses improve their game.

Shopify’s customization options for eCommerce businesses

1. Custom made themes with a template

Whether you want to assemble your website from scratch or start with a themed template, the decision can possibly keep you up for nights. Ground-up development gives the owner complete authority over the developer’s every decision to plan, create, and optimize. That level of power can be appealing. Shopify provides its customers with the right balance between from-scratch development and easy templatized options, which proves to be less taxing. All the creation can be done through a template. Your website will stand out but not at the risk of unfamiliarity. Thousands of businesses around the world have used Shopify Plus themes, exploring various design layouts and functionality features. Shopify Plus customizes everything that counts to today’s online clients. Automating full-scale campaigns, creating personalized buyer journeys, offering intuitive payments, and directing social selling are just a few things that Shopify can help you with. It even provides excellent documentation, API support, and tools.

2. Custom made products

Product customization is about striking an equilibrium between the frontend (for customers) and the backend (for your team), as your final goal is to display your products beautifully. With Shopify, purchasing, updating, adding, removing, and managing products is super easy and convenient.

3. Custom discounts (yes, it is more than coupon codes)

It can be hard to obtain new shoppers, retain, and award the existing ones, and maximize your average order value. However, optimizing discounts at scale can be a massive challenge for brands. Using the wrong value can reduce profits and devalue your brand. Suppose you have thousands of products for sale on your site, offering discounts to customers who buy in bulk but manually adding each value you want to offer is difficult because you cannot automate the process.

Fortunately, automating and customizing discounts on Shopify can be broken down into three options –

1. Custom checkouts

If you cannot close the deal, all your offers, designs, and products are in vain. Before Shopify Plus, the customization of the checkout process was the most significant object on Shopify. Making purchasing as easy as possible can be achieved by customizing the checkout screen to allow –

  • Opening with PayPal and Amazon Pay
  • Creating an account via email, Facebook, or Google
  • Applying the coupon code automatically
  • Applying free shipping automatically

2. Price discounts

Owners can use price discounts to mark down products or collections. The effect allows the customer to compare a price that shows off savings in dollar amounts, percentages, or both.

3. Custom Scripts

Shopify Scripts authorizes you to make custom codes to apply a combination of buying incentives automatically using –

  • Discounts based on past purchase behavior
  • Percentage (%) or amount ($) off products
  • Tiered pricing for volume
  • Free shipping
  • Buy one get one (BOGO)

4. Customize your website at scale

You do not have to barter responsiveness and promptness for customization and management. Both are possible with Shopify – pacing new assignments, products, and campaigns as well as simultaneously building creamy, unique, and personalized customer experiences. Shopify Plus puts the power in the hands of brands without compelling them to sacrifice speed, skill, or deep customization.

How can Shopify web developers at QualDev help to customize your website/app?

As a leading Shopify web development company, QualDev can assist in setting up your website using the best theme from the Shopify theme store. We will support you in choosing the best theme for your site, installing it, and personalizing it with your content (including designing banners, etc.). No customization included.

However, using ready-made themes may not work for new business owners. That is where QualDev pitches in with high-quality custom Shopify stores that are built specific to your needs. We will work with you to construct that perfect design, taking your brand and identity into account and adding our expertise and experience to it. We can also help you set a B2B, multi-language, multi-currency site.

If you have an existing e-shop but need some help with specific functionality, integration with third-party apps, improving the look-and-feel, or bringing your Shopify store to the final step in your vision, or helping increase sales—QualDev can help! Explore our solutions and get in touch with our team today.