How are Mobile Apps Beneficial for your Business?

How are Mobile Apps Beneficial for your Business?

Smartphones have changed the face of digital marketing. Look around you, you will see that no one can live without their smartphone. The popularity of smart phones means that mobile apps have become the most effective way to communicate with clients and prospective customers. Mobile-friendly applications are easy to download/install on smartphones and are very dependable. These apps easily take control of your life and make it smooth and easy. You are just one tap away from getting things done easily as they are a major source of information. Having a mobile app for your business lets you earn more online traffic with quality leads.

It has become a challenge for every business to make its presence felt on every channel in the world of digital marketing. An app helps you to expand the reach of your business faster, and to reach maximum customers. These days, even small and mid-size businesses are getting mobile apps to reach and communicate with their prospects. Mobile apps have taken marketing to a whole new level. These apps are portable and user-friendly, bringing web-based services to everyone’s fingerprints.

The popularity of mobile apps is attributed to the following:

  1. Efficient – Mobile apps make the whole shopping experience very efficient. For example, having features like integrating a shopping cart with a way to order food, has helped many a business establish a digital footprint online. When a restaurant or a café has an online food ordering system integrated into their app, their business is able to grow manifolds. If you have a retail business assimilated with an e-commerce system, it will enhance productivity and give great sales. These mobile apps will augment user engagement.
  2. Available All the Time – Smartphones are easily reachable as they are personal gadgets that people always keep close at hand, all the time. They provide an instant channel to reach out to potential customers. Mobile apps usually come pre-installed on phones, and if they are not already there, they are just a tap away. They provide instant solutions as compared to browsing platforms like laptops and desktops. Thus, mobile apps take less time to access.
  3. More Sales – A business can increase its sales by giving their customer a reason to visit them repeatedly by making them spend more time on the app. This can be achieved by offering different loyalty programs. You can offer customers some rewards if they move higher to the next level in their buying capacity. You can also delight your users by offering them rewards through competitions, or by offering them discounts, etc. for performing some pre-defined activities. Another exciting feature is to add user a scratch-and-win like option to increase engagement with the app. This will further increase sales.
  4. Accessible on User-friendly devices – Web application development service providers develop mobile apps as per the compatibility of the OS used on popular devices so that the app is available to the maximum number of people. This way users can access the apps on a user-friendly device at a reasonable cost. The best part about mobile apps is that they are easily accessible.
  5. Loyal Customer Base – Any business must have a very loyal customer base. Building customer loyalty is a priority because customers are the backbone of a business and its growth. Mobile apps help to build a strong loyal clientele because they are very engaging. They are a single point of contact between a business and its clients. You can motivate your clients to refer your business to their friends, to increase your client base.
  6. Affordable and Customizable – Smartphones these days are affordable and come with cheap internet packages. Thus, the end-user can easily access mobile apps, as they consume a lower level of internet data. Plus, users feel it is easy to access the app on their phone, rather than opening a company’s website in a browser.
  7. Visibility – Smartphone are easy to navigate and use. Most mobile apps loaded on a mobile are clearly visible to the end-user. Mobile app developers aim to provide maximum information and usability as per the user’s device. Any kind of business can offer its services through mobile apps to become visible to potential customers.
  8. Cross-Platform Marketing – Mobile apps provide the advantage of functioning on different platforms and gadgets like tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. They provide an identical user-interface and make use of the adaptable operating systems on these devices to deliver a wholesome experience. This helps business owners promote their products/services to end-users more easily.
  9. Ads and Brands – It is very cost-efficient to run ads, using mobile apps. It is a very low-cost online marketing strategy that works great for any business. You can share the address of the landing page of your website via paid ads. Mobile apps play an essential role in promoting the products and services to the targeted audience.


About 15 years ago, websites began to be used to promote products and services, and have since ruled the digital marketing world. However, only large and medium-sized businesses were benefiting from the trend. Now, mobile apps have taken over, allowing smaller organizations a chance to reap great benefits from digital marketing. Even a very small company can use the features and benefits of a mobile app, at a very affordable cost. This industry is thundering and flourishing on a daily basis with more and more experienced app development companies coming in to satiate the ever-growing demand for mobile apps. If you want to rule over your competition, partner with QualDev, a mobile app development company in USA that will take care of all your app-related needs.