Why Do Businesses Need Professional Web Design?

Why Business Needs Professional Web Design?

When visiting any website, most people spend only a few minutes to determine whether the website that they are looking at provides content about what they need. When information is presented in an organized manner, that aids the process of locating relevant details quickly, the chance to satisfy visitors increases significantly; or if we talk about ecommerce – the chances of getting and closing a sale increase manifold.

The design of your website plays a very crucial role in strengthening the online presence of your brand. More than 70% of internet users prefer to see something that appeals to the eyes, instead of looking at a simple plain design. Having a user-friendly, efficiently-running website, attracts maximum web traffic. This means that the first step, towards achieving success online, would be to ensure that your website is professionally designed.

Let us look at the benefits your business website receives from professional web design: –

Successful Digital Campaigns

An eye-catching website attracts a significantly higher number of prospects and is the starting point of your digital marketing strategy. However, if you are not using proper channels to market your product/service, then it is of no use. Social media, e-commerce platforms, and apps help you reach out to clients across the globe. If you use social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, you can connect with millions of users and easily market your brand through them.

Shopify, Big Commerce, etc. are some ready-to-use e-commerce platforms that you can use to introduce your business online. If you make use of a mobile or desktop app you can enhance customer experience to a great extent. If you do not have a professional-looking website, you will find yourself unable to strategize your marketing efforts because of a lack of a proper reference point online. So, your first priority should be to get a website that is attractive, informative, and user-friendly, so that you can use it as a reference point for the channels mentioned above to market your brand digitally.

Accessible Website

Just developing a wonderful website, does not mean that you have everything you need. Take steps to ensure that your website loads smoothly on all browsers. Users do not have the patience to wait at a website where images take ages to load. Your top priority is to engage the customer as soon as he lands on your website, thus your website should be accessible on all browsers and must be fast. Hire the right experts to make sure you face no technical issues with the site. Thus it is vital to get a professionally designed website that passes the various tests. When your website functions perfectly at all times and is always available to customers, you will find yourself in a position to close more sales.

These statistics will surprise you,

  • 47% of internet users expect a website to load within 2 seconds.
  • 64% of the mobile users expect a website to load in 4 seconds.
  • You lose 11% page views if the load time of your website is delayed by 1 sec
  • Conversions reduce by 7% for each second a website loads late.

Thus, if are making $100,000 daily, then by improving 1% load time, your sales can go up by $7,000 daily.

Not a bad deal at all, isn’t it? To achieve this, you only need to invest to get your website designed professionally.

Reduce in Bouncing Rate

Having a website that is user-friendly, bug-free, virus-free, and easily accessible on laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones is a boon. Your website is the face of your business and provides your audience with a first impression. Adding interesting content, thoughtful images, and logos, binds your niche audiences and keeps them coming back to your website for more. A professional looking website engages your audience, causing them to stay, thus reducing bounce rate.

Long-Lasting Impression

A badly designed website might get you a customer, but may leave them with a very bad impression of your business. It is important to deliver a great first expression through your website to prevent users from leaving mid-way. A professional web site creates a long-lasting first impression in the minds of your audience. Also, the user interface of a nicely designed website is smooth allowing for easy accessibility to content.

Complies with Latest Trends

Web designing experts keep abreast of the current trends and design new websites accordingly. They know what clients like in terms of format and look of the site. For example, sometimes the user gets frustrated if the website is not able to load images quickly. A professional website developer may include animated logos, scroll-triggered animations, distinctive themes, etc. to add extra punch to your website. When you offer your customers something extra and unique, why would they leave you!

Extended word of mouth

How many times have you enjoyed looking at a website that was excellently designed? It is very likely that you have shared that company name or website with friends and relatives simply because of the impact the website has had on you. Great design combined with an intuitive navigation on the website results in a great experience for the end-user. This word of mouth leads to more traffic and encourages potential customers to visit simply because they know beforehand that the website is well-designed.

Immense Benefits from Responsive Design

Most customers use their smartphones to place orders and to search for products or services online. When your website makes use of a responsive web design, it means that it is compatible with smartphones. Having a responsive web design helps to improve customer experience thus increasing your ROI.

Bottom Line:

The above points illustrate the importance of having a professional web design for your website. It is time-saving, hassle-free, very responsive, and worth the value. Good web design ensures that your leads remain on the page, thus increase conversion rates.

Running a business these days means that you need to engage certain level of professionalism in all areas of the market. In today’s world, where the internet is so easily accessible to all, having a poorly designed website, could be the only reason for losing a lot of potential business. Add a layer of professionalism to your web design with the help of QualDev website development company and realize your business goals in a shorter time frame!