Top 8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO in 2021 and Beyond


The rapid evolution of search engine optimization (hereafter referred to as SEO) has brought about a real paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. Tactics, technologies, and industry practices have changed massively in the last decade or so, to provide marketers with novel ways to reach, engage with, pitch products and services, improve conversions, and create brand awareness and loyalty with new customers.

Reasons why SEO is essential for businesses

What was once looked at as a way to stay a step ahead of the competition is now the norm – SEO is well and truly an inseparable part of running any business today. With constant algorithm updates and volatile changes in internet trends, SEO has evolved into a concept that is critical for businesses to ace in order to ensure relevance and innovation.

For starters, organic search is the largest driver of online traffic. According to Sparktoro, 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google search, Google Images, and Google Maps. The latest statistics suggest that –

  • 57% of digital marketers believe SEO is the most effective marketing strategy
  • 61% of customers research online before buying anything
  • 89% of all internet customers use search engines to make a buying decision
  • 75% of people never check anything  beyond the first few results on search engines like Google

By combining your SEO processes with key marketing disciplines (including content, mobile, and social), you can convert your business into traffic, conversions, and a revenue-generating machine.

While planning to create an enormous boost in viewer traffic (which would naturally result in an increase in inquiries, leads, conversions, revenue, and the ability to reach more customers), it is important that modern-day businesses focus their effort and energy on creating a holistic SEO strategy that focuses on –

  • Delivering a remarkable customer experience
  • Utilizing every available avenue to establish a strong online presence
  • Ensuring the best possible brand visibility and awareness
  • Creating a cohesive and targeted short- and long-term marketing strategy

Here are a few trends that point towards the need for businesses to invest heavily in their SEO efforts –

1. Mobile-first

Having a mobile-first approach is absolutely imperative today, given the customers’ preference for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and wearables) over old-school PC-based web browsing.

2. Video Content

Video content is ruling the roost and for good reason. Engaging video content is now an integral part of business communication. Advertisements, commercials, explainer videos, product demos, short films, and the like are all quickly consumed and digested by audiences the world over. In the world of content creation and consumption, the amalgamation of video and blogging has proven to be a game-changer. Businesses using videos grow 49% faster in terms of revenue than those that fail to exploit this marketing mechanism.

3. AMP

The concept of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) has given businesses a way to ensure a better user experience, enabling them to browse through specific web pages in a jiffy. Google is now giving preference to sites that have switched to AMP.

4. Mobile apps

Mobile apps are almost indispensable for modern-day businesses since they enable one-touch access to everything your business offers. Additionally, apps offer better visibility, increased traffic, and lower bounce rates.

5.Voice search

The growing usage of voice search is taking center stage as users look for convenient and quick ways to get whatever they are looking for – whether it is entertainment, products, or services. Local search has put the onus on local businesses to ensure that their online presence is optimal so their customers can find them and avail of their services when they need them.

6. PPC

Paid advertising (including a mix of video ads, banner ads, and static ads) continues to be a highly effective way to target specific demographics and ensure greater visibility, qualified leads, and direct conversions.

7. Featured snippets

For the last couple of years, featured snippets have been dominating search results in most niches. Featured snippets are basically the summary of an answer that the user gets in response to their search query. Displayed at the top of the SERP above organic and paid ads, featured snippets get more traffic than anything else on a SERP.

8. UGC

User-generated content is a great way to promote your business without having to make a large investment. Comments, reviews, ratings, social media videos, testimonials, and other such user-generated content can successfully create a high level of interest and activity among your prospective customers.

How QualDev can help you ace your SEO game

Change is the only constant in the world of SEO. You need a dynamic partner to ensure that you are always on top. Several leading eCommerce brands and businesses across industry domains trust us to deliver exactly that. At QualDev, we offer highly customized search engine optimization solutions that are designed around your unique business objectives, target demographics, and the latest industry trends.

After evaluating your existing online presence and identifying gaps and opportunities, our expert team will offer you a clear and comprehensive SEO strategy that goes way beyond simply looking at keywords and competitors. Our approach revolves around designing an SEO strategy that not only delivers on all the points mentioned above but also creates a marketing ecosystem tailored around what you offer and what your audience needs.

Are you on the lookout for a local SEO company or SEO services in the United States? No matter what the size, scale, or nature of your business, we can devise an SEO strategy that promises the highest ROI. Explore our result-driven SEO services or get in touch with our team today.