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Smart phones are without doubt the best pieces of technology to have been developed over the last couple of years. It's amazing that a piece of equipment relatively small in size can be so powerful. However, it is also well noted that it is the apps on those smart phones that have helped build their popularity.

At QualDev, we develop easy to use, intuitive, interactive mobile apps. we work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their objectives and desires from the apps we develop. We offer our best services, customized to look after every specific need you have. We develop apps of various kinds, providing intuitive and easy to use e-business apps, product showcase apps, catalog apps and many others that help build and redirect traffic to your websites and encourage potential customers to purchase from your display. We offer the best of services, customized to your needs, within your budget.

iPhone & iPad Application

The astonishing increase in the popularity of the iPhone is irrefutable. We create customized applications to help harness the immense potential of their applicability in promoting a growing business.
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Android Application

Android - an open source platform devoted to advance open standards for mobile devices - is the leading smartphone platform. More than 930000 android devices are activated daily, pushing it's market share to more than 62%
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Mobile Friendly Website Makeover

The sophistication of mobile devices has changed the web scenario. Not having a mobile-optimized website means that you miss out on the opportunity to reach millions of mobile users.
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