How To Expand Your Jewelry Business With Smart Marketing

Expand Your Jewelry Business With Smart Marketing

As the online jewelry industry continues to evolve, the increase in the number of players in this industry has caused an increase in competition. The most common question that every jewelry business owner asks is – how can I beat my competitors? If you own an online jewelry business and find yourself asking the same question, this article provides you with ideas about how to use smart marketing technique to expand your jewelry business, while staying a step ahead of the competition.

Although the answer to the question above is very simple – Focus on what your customers want. Providing customers with what they want at the right time requires the use of tried and tested marketing tactics. Selling jewelry online is a billion-dollar marketplace, because the products appeal to both men and women irrespective of their age or culture. As an online seller, choosing to ignore smart marketing techniques is not an option. Using smart marketing techniques is necessary for driving website visits, increasing brand awareness and promoting the image of your brand online.

If you are planning to expand your jewelry business, here are 6 smart marketing tips for you:

1. Focus On Website SEO

In today’s digital world almost every process, right from purchasing a bracelet that matches your outfit, to choosing which type of jewelry to wear for a specific occasion, begins with a simple Google search. Any site that appears at the top of search result pages, receive maximum clicks and hence maximum sales. 

A detailed keyword research and competitor analysis allows you to determine what your target audience is searching for, and to understand what type of content works. This knowledge provides you with material to customize and display relevant data on your website. You can start by placing keywords in the right positions accompanied by link building for your website to rank high on Google Search Result Pages.

2. Get To Know Your Competitors

One of the best ways to expand your jewelry business is to watch what your closest competitors are doing. Make a note of everything they do to maintain an edge over their competitors. Things you need to pay attention to can include – do they maintain a mailing list? What is their presence on social networks etc.?

You can keep a close eye on your rival websites and look for jewelers who offer products that are similar to the ones you sell. Make a note of what you like about the configuration of their products and determine what works for them. Then plan a change to your strategy based on your observations.

Think about your USP and reaffirm what you are best at; this will help you leap ahead of your competitors. Also, you need to keep the interest of your customers alive. Do this by updating your product line and adding updated trends to your online store. Remember, fashion is an ever-evolving niche with new trends emerging every day. Most of your customers will be looking for new pieces to add to their wardrobe constantly.

3. Maintain Awesome Jewelry Displays

The fact that your business is online does not mean that you do not need a jewelry display. All big brands invest in and use high-resolution thumbnails and photos of their Jewelry products on their websites, so that customers can look at the item from different angles. For best results, you need to display your best selling products by using images in HD quality on your website. It is advisable to use HD photos of Jewelry on Pinterest and Instagram. This may help you rank higher on image search.

You can use creatively designed screens to make your products memorable. Do not settle for traditional trays and stands! DIY screens are always the best because they represent the personality a business wants to portray. In addition, visitors to your website will appreciate the effort.

At last, do not forget to add labels to pieces of information on your website and on social media. Show potential customers items that catch their interest and encourage them to visit your website again. 

4. Make Use Of Social Media And Facebook Ads

Social media sites play an important role in brand awareness. Many digital marketing agencies use these platforms to retain users. Maintaining a presence on multiple social networks will encourage potential customers to engage with your brand.

Your content on social networks acts as the voice of your brand. Publishing content on social media regularly, using cleverly crafted content will no doubt make a buzz about your brand; it also provides an avenue to present your audience with fresh content about your brand.

You can start by joining existing jewelry groups on Facebook, a simple and effective way to build subscribers and customers online. However, it is best to read all the instructions posted on the group before you publish information about your business. Understand the tone and usual topics that are discussed in the group. When you feel comfortable being a member of the group, continue and join in the discussion. 

To get more user attention, do not forget to announce special offers and discount coupons to your Facebook fans using Facebook ads. These campaigns work best because you can target consumers based on specific demographics: age, gender, location, or interest, etc.

5. Newsletters And Discount Coupons

Sending potential customers emails is one of the oldest and best approaches to advertise jewelry, and the best way to keep customers up to date. Sending e-mails and newsletters that contain convincing content to all your customers can generate big profits. Increase the effectiveness of this tactic by sending the right message to the right person at the right time!

In addition, you can offer customers discounts or coupons, an effective way to attract customers who have not bought anything recently. This can be done by sending a monthly email or by sending a bulk SMS to your entire list of customers. This jewelry marketing strategy is very helpful for promoting and scaling a jewelry business.

6. Make Emotional Connection With Your Customers

Emotional connections help marketing professionals to differentiate and assert themselves in this competitive environment. It helps them to convey the values, interests, and passion of a brand. Emotional marketing tells a story that an audience can relate to humanly or personally. As consumers make more buying decisions that are driven by emotions instead of logic, emotional marketing creates constructive relationships that attract customers who later become fans of the brand. 

You can approach your customers directly and tell them an exciting story about your jewelry in terms of beauty, history, nature, family, etc. For effective results, you need to offer more than just a list of metals, gems, or dimensions, and give them a reason to connect with your brand emotionally and become motivated to buy.


Smart marketing techniques provide ample avenues to build and expand your customer base online and to cash in on a nice profit. As you know, the holidays are near; customers tend to look for discounts and offers wherever possible. You can grab this opportunity by announcing exciting offers in the form of Christmas or Valentine’s Day specials to grab the attention of potential customers.