How Does Opening An Ebay Store Increase Your Sales?

75% of sellers having eBay Stores – when surveyed said that opening an eBay Store increased their sales.**
How does opening an eBay Store increase your sales? eBay Stores provide powerful tools to build, manage, promote, and track your business. Take your sales to the next level with these built-in benefits of an eBay Store.

Benefits On Owning eBay Store for your business
1.    You’ll have a unique, personalized and customized section of eBay just for your listings to be presented to potential buyers.

2.    You’ll be able to develop your own brand, including a color scheme, theme, logo, and format for your Store, to become more memorable and recognizable to other eBay users, particularly buyers.

3.    You’ll be able to have a Store header at the top of all of your item descriptions that include links to some of your Store products/categories/pages, your Store logo and/or color scheme, and even a search box for buyers to search through all of the items in your store, right from any item page for one of your listings.

4.    You’ll have access to many additional advertising and marketing tools and techniques, including the ability to create Promotional Boxes to display prominently on your main Store homepage, announcing new items, specials, sales, or featured products

5.    You’ll have an email mailing list for which eBay users can sign up and opt in to receive promotional emails, newsletters, etc. from you, all of which will include links to some of your current listings so people can essentially buy your items right from their email inboxes!

6.    You’ll have several different buttons, links, icons, logos, etc. you can use to promote your store and drive attention and traffic to it.