Announcement – Google Checkout Is Retiring

Google has official announced that Google Checkout will be retired on 20th November as part of the company’s transition. After 20th Nov, merchants will not be able to accept payments through Google Checkout and they will need to move to other payment processing services that Google has partnered with, like Braintree for payment processing, Shopify for hosted online storefronts and Freshbooks for email invoicing.
Braintree’s payment processing service will make the process easier as they provide features like:

  • Data Portability.
  • International Payments.
  • Recurring Billing.
  • Credit Card Tokenization.
  • Simple Interface.
  • 24X7 Active Support.
  • Attractive Discounted Migration Offers.

Users will get a discount when migrating to one of the three options that Google has partnered with.
Alternatives for Google Checkout
Those online merchants currently use Google Checkout to accept payments for goods and services they sell online will have to look for other service providers to handle their transactions online once Google Checkout Retires.
The following payment processing services could serve your purpose

  • Braintree
  • PayPal Express
  • Amazon

Merchants may integrate any of the payment services mentioned above with their ecommerce solutions to continue collecting payments. Merchants could also add a proper message on their sites stating the replacement procedure for Google Checkout so their customers are informed about the alternates that are at their disposal when checking out on the website.

Google plans to replace Checkout with Google Wallet – a system that includes the Instant Buy API for U.S. merchants, and that is designed to make buying faster on Android apps and mobile to meet the demands of a multi-screen world where consumers shop at their desk and on their mobile devices.
Individuals selling their items using Google Checkout via Google Play and the Google Chrome Web Store would not have to migrate; they will be automatically switched over to Google Wallet soon.