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Smart way to make your website Mobile & Tablet Ready

The Responsive Web Design Concept is an amalgamation of technologies and ideas and not just a single platform. In other words, websites created using other concepts may look different on various gadgets whereas, those created using the concept of responsive web design would maintain their consistency across all the devices i.e. desktops, laptops, mobiles or tablets without resorting to developing individual pages suitable for viewing on each device - or losing the consistency of the feel and look of the original content and visuals.

This new technology, allows for the designing of a Mobile Friendly website - A website that is not only good for viewing on a desktop, but one that looks and performs magnificently, but on smaller devices like mobiles and tablets as well. Responsive websites provide a twofold benefit; i.e. Statistics show that more than 80% of website users, and potential customers visit websites and research products using a smaller device like a mobile or a tablet. Traditionally designed websites, are not able to adjust themselves, and are cumbersome - both functionality wise, and size wise - because they are not mobile friendly. Mobile friendly Responsive website make for a better user experience - and means that your website is now available to many many more customers to visit and buy from.

Google has made changes to their search engine algorithms, and statistics show that Google Ranks responsive mobile friendly websites, higher than their traditionally designed counterparts do. This means that having a traditionally designed website, is sure to kill your business.

Not sure if you need a mobile website? Test your website using this FREE Preview tool and see how it would look on a mobile device.Test Your Site


With new advanced devices hitting the market daily, and consumers turning to feature rich smart phones and tablets to surf the net and socialize, having a responsive designed website ensures that your business is well exposed on every possible device potential customers could ever use.

Benefits Of This Designing Concept

Designing websites based on the responsive web design concept is not only helps web designers save on time but also proves to be a blessing for end consumers in the following ways to name a few:

  • Less expensive as it only requires the maintenance of a single code base
  • Helps merchants improve their SEO
  • Offers a single URL for all devices and a consistent experience across all devices
  • Significant boost to popularity as a huge volume of web traffic comes from mobile devices
  • Provides easier navigation and readability for users irrespective of the device being used

At QualDev, we use the concepts of responsive web design to develop solutions for a number of our clients. Hire QualDev for your Responsive website development, and benefit using the services we offer.

Not sure if you need a responsive website? Test your website using this FREE Preview tool and see how it would look on a mobile device. Test Your Site

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