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Corona Virus Preparedness

We want to provide you with an update on how we at QualDev are closely monitoring the situation and addressing the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnosis continue to increase around the world, and our understanding about the critical role QualDev plays for your business, we have implemented some of the best practices to try and ensure the business continuity and support to you, without compromising on the health and safety of our team members, who are the heart of our organization.

We are Learning, We are Preparing, We are Taking Actions

First and foremost is we are increasing awareness of all involved - Misinformation and fear can spread more virulently than the virus itself, and we want to discourage false information from circulating. We are closely monitoring the situation, news from WHO/CDC/Local authorities and conducting Awareness & Training Program so that our team doesn't panic and help us to fight back the spread of the disease.

Considering the highly contagious nature of this disease, we have taken the following steps:

1. ENSURE HYGIENE AT WORKPLACE - Which can reduce the chance of transmission :

  • We increased supplies of hygiene products and provide ample hand sanitizer, soap, cleaning wipes and tissues around the office.
  • We made mandatory rules - Everyone in the premises must use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands every time they go out and come into the office area
  • We increased the frequency of cleaning the premises, equipment and all possible location where the virus can survive.
  • We have temporarily banned visitors and non-essential personnel from coming to the property
  • We are increasing the use of virtual communication at all possible points

2. MADE REMOTE WORK ARRANGEMENT - To ensure our services to you and to continue to support our team members:

  • For security reasons, we don’t have a Work-From-Home policy. Looking at the possibilities of the situation getting worst, we have prepared ourselves for the worst-case scenario, including a situation where our whole team needs to work remotely from home. We will be moving team members to work from home in a thoughtful, choreographed manner. This ensures your businesses continue to receive excellent stability and support.
    In the worst-case scenario, our priority would be to provide support and service for any emergency situation which can disrupt the normal operation of systems we have created for you.

3. MADE COVID-19 FIGHT BACK POLICES - To safeguard the health of team members:

  • We have announced that any team member who has a fever, cold, the problem with breathing, etc. will be advised to leave the office and visit the nearest health center/hospital for a proper check-up.
  • We have strongly recommended our team members to not take any non-urgent personal travel and cancel attending any large social gatherings.
  • Any team member that boards or has boarded an aircraft/train in recent times must have a health checkup done and must stay at home for at least ten working days.


  • We request for your trust and patience in case things get out of control. Our topmost priority is to ensure your business process continues to operate and the safety and health of our team members and their families. All our actions will focus on these two aspects and will be guiding principles for us.
  • We all combined have lots of experience, and we want to take advantage of it. So we seek your suggestions and guidance on how we can help you better and maybe sharing your experience in how you are dealing with this situation at your end so maybe we can learn and improve our plan and processes as well.

We are trying our best and we are confident that with the right practices and adequate social distancing, we can help curb the spread of COVID-19 and will not have any major impact on various tasks/projects we are working on.

We wish you good health and be safe. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or inquiries.

We’ll get through this together.
Your Team at QualDev

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