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Local Search Engine Optimization

Making sure your neighbors know you as well as the products and services you offer.

A vast majority of potential customers search online for information about products and or services that they can access locally. Surveys show that customers use their smart phones and tablets, to search engines to study products and services because of the convenience, and because they get more information as well as a number of reviews that help them take positive decisions. Knowing that the product or service is available locally also bolsters the confidence of the customer, and motivates them towards converting their search into a sale.

Major search engines use algorithms whereby users do not always need to enter a location or city name; instead, the search engine identifies their location and suggests businesses that are in the same geo-location as they are. What does this mean? Search engines are delivering more relevant and targeted results to the individual conducting the search by listing businesses that are located in their closest proximity.

At QualDev Inc. we provide you with professional 'Local Search Engine Optimization' services, to ensure you target as many potential customers from the locality around your business, without requiring to complete with businesses that are too far away to provide these customers with immediate services.

Number Of Keywords 10 25 40
Location Optimization (Cities/Suburb/Region) 1 3 5
Local Business Directory Listing
Local Google+ Business Place Page Optimization
Google Places - Photo/Multimedia Additions(Content Provided By Client)
Google Places - Categories Setup
Local Search Engine Submission
Local Reputed Directory Submission
Local Social Platform Promotion
Google Places - SEO Copywriting
Google Places - Address Matching
Locally Optimized Webpage For Each Location
Country Specific Content Optimization
Customer Review Building Locally
Geo Tag Optimization
Local Press Release Submission
Address Synchronization For All Profiles
NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) Consistency
Google "Offers" Application Setup(If Offered In Your City)
Local Guest Post Submission
hCard Micro-Format Submission
Groupon / LivingSocial Promotion
Local Press Release Writing

Location Optimization (cities/suburb/region)

The majority of consumers search for local goods, and services from local businesses. For example customers in Buffalo looking for a good roofer would naturally search locally first. If you are a roofer in Buffalo, NY, and have marketed yourself locally, these customers would get your details in their search results. You can exploit this natural instinct to enlarge your circle of customers.

Local Business Directory Listing

Local Awareness – Unless potential customers or clients know about you, they cannot take advantage of your services or products. Many people check directory information on neighborhood businesses when they search for local services. They know that they can find specific information on businesses that are nearby. Few of the examples of local business directories are 1) Yelp 2) Merchant Circle 3) Dmoz

Local Google+ Business Place Page Optimization

With 'Google Places' optimization, you can create a business profile showcasing your company's website, address, phone number, business hours, pictures, and also show your business location on Google Maps. Optimizing your business for Google Place pages gives you a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines; and customer reviews on your Google Places page are available for potential clients to read through and know more about your business.

Local Social Platform Promotion

Businesses using social sites gain a vast wealth of information about products or services their current and potential clients might be interested in. They can also use these platforms to detect buying trends, by analyzing what their customers are posting online. Understanding such trends, help companies design packages and strategies that focus on target markets. Few of the examples of local social platforms apart from Facebook and Twitter are 1) Digg 2) Delicious 3) Reddit.

Google+ Page Setup / Optimization

For local businesses, having enhanced map information displayed, not only helps customers by pin pointing the exact location of your business and its address, but also displays options that provide directions to your premises.

Country Specific Content Optimization

Do you have more than one location but only one website? That is not a problem. Just create a page on your website specific to each physical location. This way, anyone searching for your business in a particular region, city, state or country, would get a link to the appropriate page in his or her search results, and in effect to you.

Building Local Customer Reviews

Local Reviews – Once you have claimed your business profiles on local search directories, your priority should be to get positive reviews, to boost your visibility. Having positive ratings and reviews, help you elevate the ranking of your business in search results, especially on sites that allow visitors to sort businesses by the number of positive ratings.

hCard Microformat Submission

With Microformats you can publish a single, human readable version of your information in HTML and then make it machine readable with the addition of a few standard class names. A common example is contact details. If you wanted to publish human – and machine-readable versions without Microformats you would publish an HTML page containing your contact information and a separate machine-readable vCard file that people could import to their address book software. Your information would be stored in two places making it harder to maintain and easier to lose sync. However, with Microformat, your information is readily available from one file, at any time.

Groupon / LivingSocial Promotion

Coupons are good for both consumers and business owners alike. Consumers use coupons to save money, while business owners benefit from increased traffic.

Locally Optimized Webpage for Each Location

Make sure your business address is visible in plain text on one or more pages (preferably every page). This help's by ensuring that search engines list your site effectively when searched for by local users. You can for example, add your address to the footer or mention it on your contact / about page. Visitors will also appreciate it when they can quickly find your business address.

Geo Tag Optimization

Geo-tagging essentially refers to the metadata embedded into a photo, in order to help search engines see the association between that photo and a specific location that you added as part of your metadata.

Local Press Release

The most important element a press release provides is exposure. It provides the potential for customers to find information about your business on the internet. Each press release you submit provides an individual inbound link directly to your website. The more inbound links, the more relevant major search engines deem your website.

Local Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is how a webmaster submits a website directly to a search engine. There are two basic reasons to submit a web site or web page to a search engine. The first reason would be to add an entirely new web site so that site operators would not need to wait for a search engine to discover them. The second reason is to have the information of a web page or web site updated in the respective search engine.

Google "Offers" Application Setup (if offered in your city)

Google Offers a new product to help potential customers and clientele find great deals in their area through a daily email. For businesses, it is a smart and easy way to find new, high-value customers and bring them right to you.

Local Guest Post Submission

Posting and guest blogging on other websites is a great way to gain a bigger following on your own social media accounts and websites, while also gaining credibility and networking opportunities.

NAP (name, address, phone number) Consistency

NAP – citation is any place online than has your company's NAP (name, address, phone number) all on the same page, in the same format as your local listing. Maintaining the same format is very important. While Google is smart, it is best to make sure that your local citation efforts match your local listing as closely as possible. Do not abbreviate one nor the other (St. vs Street, (800) vs 1-800, etc.)

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