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iPhone/iPad jewelry Flyer

iPhone/iPad Jewelry Flyers App

Organize and share your flyers/catalogs from your apple device

The 'Jewelry Flyer' App is an interactive application that allows you to organize all your flyers / catalogs on your iPad. Browse through your flyers using the interactive finger swipe navigation and carry them everywhere conveniently on your apple device. This app is available free of charge, and is equipped with a control panel from where you can edit content as well as personalize the app to suit your business. Shared the app with your affiliates, to share updated catalogs / flyers with affiliates without having to send new files manually.

The Jewelry Flyer App, allows you to:
  • Personalize your app, with your logo, company name, cover page image etc.
  • Create numerous catalogs, and add flyer pages to them.
  • Arrange the flyer pages in a particular sequence.
  • Arrange the catalogs in a particular sequence.
  • Upload product information for products on each flyer page.
  • Share your catalogs and flyers with affiliates.
  • Manage all of the features above from an online control panel
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