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Keys to Protect Your Ecommerce From Hackers

New reports of a major data breach—this time affecting an estimated 1.2 billion usernames and passwords and 500 million emails—is yet another wake-up call that Ecommerce can’t take their data security too lightly You cannot go a day without hearing that someone or some group is hacking a website or stealing credit card and other sensitive […]

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Emerging eCommerce Technology, That Will Add New Dimension to customer experience

Every smart IT organization has made getting ahead of competitors their primary business this leads to them striving for emerging trends in eCommerce. Innovations in technology are driving business evolution and in some cases disruption. Most IT departments are continuously scrutinizing the future in the attempt to recognize the next big technology thing that will […]

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How to Choose a Fraud Prevention Service, for Ecommerce

Ecommerce merchants love the holidays. So do fraudsters. Chargeback cheats and organized criminals know you’re busy driving sales, fulfilling orders, and keeping customers happy. They hope you are not as vigilant in manually reviewing their orders. To help reduce fraudulent purchases and chargebacks, it may be worth using a fraud prevention service. Share This Post

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Why Would Hackers Target My Site?

When a major financial institution or retailer is hacked, it makes headlines. That coverage encourages the misconception that attackers are only after banks, large companies, or critical infrastructure. However, a more accurate view of the risks facing small business websites comes from industry reports. Case in point: a Verizon 2013 Security Report found that 71% […]

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Is your Ecommerce Site Ready for the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is here. Mad rush, shopping frenzy, long queues and adrenaline thrill, nothing beats the sheer enthusiasm of the holiday season. Retailers have much to rejoice. In fact, some retailers claim to make up to 40% of yearly revenue in the last quarter. It is perhaps the most profitable time of the year […]

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How Can Startups and Small Sites Compete with Ecommerce Giants?

There is no denying that ecommerce is a ruthlessly competitive business. Same-day delivery, discounts, free shipping and much more, the big giants of ecommerce are leaving no stone unturned to drive many small online retailers and startups to extinction. With the likes of Amazon, Walmart and eBay dominating the scene for decades, it is the […]

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