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Take away intuitive user friendly Android Apps

Android distribution started in 2007 with the founding of the open handset alliance. By October 2011 there were more than 500,000 apps available for android. These apps continue to roll out everyday; current estimates that there are more than 1400 apps uploaded for the android platform daily. Most apps launched are for entertainment and games, thus making it a very popular platform. However, Android apps have also made their mark as easy to use utilities to efficiently promote businesses.

At QualDev we focus on developing apps that improve brand recognition effectively, putting your products in the hands of prospective customers efficiently. Our apps are easy to manage; we link them with your existing websites, and provide tools to manage them from an admin-panel online.

Our customized android apps deliver solutions that:
  • Integrate seamlessly with android architecture
  • Have a user-friendly interface with attractive graphics
  • Provide Instant gratification & brand promotion
  • Make use of the diverse functionality to provide better customer acceptance
  • Integrated with your existing website, and managed from website’s control panel
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