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Sales Tracking Manager

Sales Tracking Manager

Sell over multiple channels. Generate comprehensive reports through one panel

The ability to generate reports and statistics of the sales and inventory figures of products you carry is important while selling over many different online sales channels and outlets. At QualDev, we developed a Sales Tracking Manager that helps you collect data from each of your online sales channels, and prepare reports for all of them or each of them, from one panel.

Our Sales Tracking Manager provides the user with the options to:
  • Collect details of orders received and products sold over various online sales channels
  • Filter information gathered using versatile search options
  • View reports in a tabulated format that is easy to comprehend, and professionally presented
  • Export the reports into word documents or excel spread sheets
  • Generate the following reports based on the information collected
    • Sales report for any particular item
    • Sales report of orders received during a particular period
    • Reports of orders that were cancelled
    • Reports of best selling items during a particular period
    • Reports of poorest performing items during a particular period
    • Reports of packages shipped for orders received.
    • Sales report for each of the online sales channel.
    • Reports of payments that were processed during a particular period
    • Item history – report of performance of a product over a particular sales channel
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