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eBay Lister Tool

eBay Lister Tool

List multiple products to eBay. Manage multiple listings in three easy steps

Listing products to your eBay store can be monotonous, involving locating categories and filling in each product’s information manually. At QualDev, we developed a customized tool that collects product information from your customized website to generate feeds for listing products to your eBay store, with a few simple clicks. Our eBay Lister Tool provided you with the facility to create multiple profiles – for listing products for an Auction; or to your Store; or as General listings; the tool allows you to list multiple products, revise them when needed, re-list them once they have ended, or just end the listing in case if the product is no longer available. We collect the necessary information required to create a customized template, matching the look and feel of your website to the display on your eBay store so that your listing are better branded and provide your eBay store with a professional look.

With the eBay Lister tool:
  • You get a personalized layout for the landing page of your eBay store. This layout would be similar to the layout of your existing website, or as you wish it to be.
  • You also get a personalized layout for the ‘product details’ area of the product listing page on eBay
  • If required we provide Widgets that would help collect additional information or provide added functionality
  • Customized banners for an enhanced visual presentation of your services and products
  • Integrate the eBay lister tool to collect product information from an existing data base, to generate a flat file to upload products you choose to list to eBay
  • Access to the eBay Lister Tool, from where you can:
    • Add / Edit profile information, including listing options, personal information, and general static information.
    • Generate a flat file of as many products as you wish to list to your eBay store
    • The ability to list products to your eBay store in three easy steps
    • Revise selected information for any of the products listed using a flat file format
    • Re-list product listings that have ended on eBay
    • End listings of products that may no longer be available for sale on eBay
    • View orders that you have received for sales on eBay
    • Check inventory and status of products that you have listed on eBay
    ** In case if you do not have an existing database containing the information of product you carry, we will create a customized data base, with a dedicated control panel from where you can manage your product information.
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