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Track The Bet is an online sports betting analysis software that allows bettors to manage sports wagers and get multiple reports, graphs and alerts. By organizing all their wagers in one place, bettors can see overall records, total profit and ROI.

Track The Bet is synchronized with an online server that serve details of LIVE games that allows the bettor to not only record their bets, but actually receive grades and view statistics soon after games have ended.


  • Understanding the betting process; including studying various types of bets and bet-combos that exist, the process that is followed to calculate winning / losing as calculating the sum won or lost as well as understanding various other terminology used.
  • System Design: After comprehending the idea of the processes involved, designing a system to automate various bet calculations was challenging work.
  • Synchronizing the system with a Live Game Feed server, so that bettors could easily record there bets and receive results. Also building a standby logic that allows the administrator to control the processes involved if the live server fails due to any unforeseen reason.
  • Developing a scalable system, so that newer features are incorporable in the future as the website grows.
  • The website should be designed in such a manner so that updating content is easy.
  • To have an automated system that will charge the bettor & send them reports at regular intervals of time.
  • Create a control panel, giving the administrator full-control to mange subscriber's accounts, subscriber's betting and receiving subscriptions.

Solutions Provided:

  • We developed a quality professionally designed website that would help improve the professional image of the company and provide a matured ambiance to the business.
  • We prepared a dedicated team to look after the project. Each member of the team attended sessions designed to understand the fundamentals of the betting process.
  • After understanding the objectives & processing of system, we designed a robust business logic system that will work both in synchronized and manually controlled mode.
  • We integrated an ARB (Auto Reoccurring) payment gateway to collect subscriptions fees monthly or yearly.
  • Provided a user friendly interface to record bets.
  • Designed and provided bettors various comprehensive reports.
  • Provided the administrator with control to manually manage the various module of the website from the control panel of the website.

Technologies Used:


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