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'Ones We Love' is an ecommerce jewelry website; the vendor offers a variety of pendants and tags, to which customers can add customized text and purchase. Their website is attractive and user friendly, designed to provide customers to the website with a thrilling buying experience.


  • The client needed a module that was compatible for use on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, tab or mobile.
  • A number of easily compatible solutions were available however, they were flash based and so not compatible with apple devices, and other smart phone software that do not support flash.
  • The module would need to take products from the existing inventory of the website, so that an entirely new database and product information would not be required.
  • The module would need to allow a customer to edit all the text and designs that would show on both sides of the tag/pendant they selected.
  • The tag/pendant as well as the customized text needed to be stored on the website so that the administrator of the website had all the necessary details required to fulfill orders placed on the website.

Solutions Provided:

  • needed a clean, attractive and user friendly design for their website, and especially for the customized module. We developed the interactive module that visitors would use to edit the text on the tags in HTML5, so that it was compatible with a variety of devices.
  • The module we developed allows customers to select a pendant or tag, and then add text and designs to personalize them, and view the customized product on the website. The customer could then add the customized pendant or tag to their shopping cart with all relevant details and complete their checkout.
  • We integrated these customizations with the existing inventory of the website so that customers are provided with a streamline process of Selecting & customizing products they like.
  • Customers could use the website over all platforms on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, tab or mobile using any browser. The customized shopping cart carries the information that the customer edited – through the entire checkout, so that the final invoice the customer receives contains every possible detail of the customized tags they purchased.
  • The administrator receives an image of the personalized pendant or tag with all proper details that they could provide the manufacturer with so that a proper product could be created.
  • These details are also stored and available to the administrator of the website – so that they can fulfill the orders received with ease.

Technologies Used:

PHP, MySQL, JQUERY, HTML & Canvas Element

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