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Kalaty's iPhone/iPad app provides them with an attractive showcase for displaying their products. The products they carry are neatly organized into categories, and beautifully illustrated with images and information to provide the target customers with every option available to view and select products to buy. Customers are provided with facilities to search for product by collection, and with other filters for refining search results. This mobile app is integrated with the control panel of their ecommerce website.


  • Design an app compatible with Apples IOS, that could carry a huge inventory of around 4000 products, that is very huge data in case of mobile storage.
  • The app should work in offline mode (without internet) but still be able to show all the updates made to the inventory by the administrator.
  • Synchronize the app with their website, so that the administrator could manage inventory that shows on the app of users, from the control panel of the website.
  • Developing a user-friendly navigation so that users could browse through inventory easily.

Solutions Provided:

  • We have designed & developed a robust system that would use logic to optimize the memory & CPU enabling the device to manage and display the large inventory.
  • By designing optimized memory logic, we were able to store whole inventory with images. So now app was available to browse in offline mode.
  • We have developed a module similar to that used by Apple to update their apps. So app-users receive inventory updates automatic. The administrator of the website has option to publish the updates, as soon as they are made.

Technologies Used:


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