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Costumelicous eBay Store

Costumelicous eBay Store


Custumelicous has a customized eBay store from where they sell costumes online. Their eBay store is integrated with QualDev's eBay Lister Tool enabling them to automatically list multiple items to their eBay store directly from the inventory available in the database on the website.


  • Designing a landing page and template for the product description of the product listing page for the eBay Store that matches the look, feel and features of Costumelicious's ecommerce website. eBay restricts the use of various java script & other codes, so achieving aesthetic similar to the website was a challenge.
  • Adding a feature to the eBay store that would allow categories to be easily managed from one location.
  • Customizing eBay product listing page, to show category banners on top.
  • Integrating the product description page, with the existing ecommerce website, that is built using Magento.
  • Developing a login, to automatically add related products on the product description page.

Solutions Provided:

  • We used technologies like HTML5, CSS, & JQUERY, to successfully customize the layouts for Costumelious's eBay store to match the website.
  • We have build a custom XML based category navigation that allows the administrator to manage categories that show on the pages of the eBay store from one location.
  • By default, eBay does not allow any customization on the product listing page. However, we succeeded in providing the storeowner with the option to display a custom banner on top of each category page. Like
  • We wrote proper HTML codes, so that the product description page is easily integrated with the existing Magento Website.
  • We developed, an easy to use – customized plug-in, that can be placed on the product description page, to automatically add "Related Products".

Technologies Used:


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